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    Missing files, copying error

      Hi, my daughter, exactly as she used to, just copied to the hard disk some nice pictures taken in Venice from a Pentax Optio 33 digital camera. Surprisingly, the target folder had remained empty, and the photos had just removed from the CF-card too! On the other hand, thumbnails of all missing photos can be seen in the "My Catalog" screen. Is any option to recover these photos from anywhere? (I had already checked the hard disk, these pictures are really gone....)
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          This sounds very strange. Have you checked the Recycle Bin?
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            Yes, I did! I've found a folder called exactly as the target folder was, I revived it, but it was also empty...
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              Try auto reconnect from File menu, the software will look for files all over the hard disk and will try to reconnect them.
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                Hi Franc, :-)
                Unfortunately there is no perfect program in a world that is far away to be perfect. :-)
                * A good practice is Open My Computer, Open the camera's respective folder, and Copy the source folder on your Desktop (just drug n' drop). Then you can launch your favorite program and work with it. After that, be sure that everything is OK. Then you can delete your backup folder from your Desktop.
                * For this time try to get back your files with an undelete utility. Locate them at your hard drive and your Camera's drive. Unfortunately don't expect great results under NTFS, but you can give them a try.
                Undelete (free) programs:
                a) Restoration (http://www.snapfiles.com/get/restoration.html)
                b) PC Inspector File Recovery (http://www.pcinspector.de/file_recovery/uk/welcome.htm). Italian version here: http://www.pcinspector.de/file_recovery/it/welcome.htm .
                c) Smart NTFS Recovery (http://www.smartpctools.com/ntfs_recovery/).

                Good Luck!
                Elf Wizard.
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                  Dear Giorgos!

                  Many thanks for Your valuable advices, I'll be the probably the most beloved father if I would recover those pictures!
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                    THANKS Francisco for your kind words!!! :-)

                    I just want to tell you, if you 'll never face difficulties with Windows, a good solution for getting (free) support is to post an article at Usenet's Freeware Group (Shareware Group also available). You can subscribe at http://groups.google.com/group/alt.comp.freeware .

                    Good option is also to post a topic at MS Groups (sorry I don't remember the link), or at various forums over the net.
                    A good knowledge source is always the MS Newsletters. Other great free newsletters: 1) Clif's Notes http://clifnotes.tk/ (free newsletter for freeware apps). An entire world of freeware apps.
                    2) Langa List (Basic Subscription free). http://www.langa.com/
                    General Windows topics (free and shareware), for software and hardware problems and solutions. Forums also available for above newletters.
                    A google search always help. The best (free) way to learn from experts how to search is to go at www.googleguide.com and download the full PDF and read it when you have the time.
                    A good freeware site with users reviews and fast download links is www.snapfiles.com . The link for freeware programs is at the top of page (behind the shareware).
                    Feel free to mail me at gk967@yahoo.gr

                    Good luck with your quest and don't worry. Loosing something means pain. But after some time passing, you can always realise that you never needed it ;-)
                    The important is your daughter. The not so important are the pictures. More and more travels and joyful moments are coming at future. (I show it at my Crystal Ball). :-)
                    Thats for now. Forgive the old, not so wise, wizard and story-teller, for bothering chit-chating.

                    My best wishes and blesses for you and your family.
                    Elf Wizard. :-)
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                      Hi again, :-)
                      Anyone who searches, finds (from the Bible), although he may not find what exactly searched for (from me). :-)
                      But this time we had a better luck.
                      Please try PhotoRec. http://www.cgsecurity.org/photorec.html

                      Thanks to Christophe, who remembered it to me. I really sorry for my damned amnesia. I think I 'm getting older. Sigh!!!

                      A VERY OLD Wizard.
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                        Dear Francisco, I really feel for you and your daughter. I just lost about 800 photographs using Photoshop Album Starter Edition. Please read my message under files all lost. I had just saved hundreds of photos of a trip to Boracay and lost them all, plus all the other pictures in the catalog (except for the thumbnails). Luckily, I had made a PDF file of the trip and stored it at a location outside of the Adobe folder. That file is ok. I wanted to make a second slightly smaller PDF slide show of the trip, so I could fit in on a 700MB disc. The second time, I save it in the Outgoing Email Attachments folder, and that somehow caused all of my photos files to get erased. I, like you, went to the recycle bin and, like you, all I recovered was empty folders.

                        I caution anyone using this program to copy the folders and files inside the Adobe folder: Digital Camera Photos, Outgoing E-Mail Attachments, and Scanned Photos to another location outside of the Adobe folder for safe keeping. This program has got some real problems. Im thinking that bundling a defective program like this with new digital cameras could be grounds for a lawsuit.
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                          I do sympathize with you, but I find this very hard to believe. I'm not saying that you are not telling us the trusth - I am just sure that something else is going on. I have used the software, through various versions for about 3 years [since it first came out] and been active on these forums all that time. The program just doesn't behave like this - a common complaint is that it makes deleting photos too hard to do.

                          The only thing I can see that you're doing, which might be considered "odd", is putting files in the "Outgoing Email Attachments" folder, which I believe is intended for the program itself to use during email operations.

                          If you want to report this problem to Adobe, you can do so here: http://www.adobe.com/misc/bugreport.html

                          It is hard to learn the lesson this way, but the 3 key rules for low-stress computer usage are: backup, backup and backup. You might have perfect software, but you wil make mistakes or have a hard disk crash sometime or other.
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                            Thanks Colin for your information. I just retraced my steps by making a simple 4 picture slideshow. There was no problem. After I clicked "Create PDF Slideshow" I was asked to select how I wanted it optimized, then where I wanted to save it. The choice that automatically came up was the "Outgoing E-mail Attachments" folder. I saved the file and then accessed it with Nero as if I were going to burn a disc, just like I had done when the problem happened, but this time there was no problem. I had also previously saved a 35 picture slide show in the same way and did in fact e-mail it to someone with no problems. Anyway, I must conclude that the problem arose because I tried to save a large 700MB slide show in the folder and that caused big problems and all three folders vanished. I was wondering also if I had just done something wrong, but there's not really anything a person can do wrong here. There are no buttons showing during this process that one can accidentally click on to delete photos, etc.

                            I may try to duplicate the problem by making another very large slideshow. If I do, I'll get back to you with the results.

                            Luckily, I had saved my vacation photos in an even larger PDF file the previous day outside of the Adobe folders, and last night I found that I could export the photos back out of the PDF file into a folder and from there import them back into the Adobe Catalog. So, now I have my most important pictures back. However, I was not able to figure out a way to export the video clips that I had in the PDF file. Only the first frame of the videos exported, so I'm still dealing with that issue. Do you or anyone know how I can get the video clips back out of a PDF file?