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    ODBC problem ...

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      Trying to launch Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition I obtain the following message: "There was a problem opening the catalog named 'My Catalog'. Another user or application may have the catalog open, or one or more files may be missing, out of date, or damaged. The ODBC data source returned the following error: '[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager]Data source name not found and no default driver specified' Attempt to compact and recover this catalog, then open again?" The options are OK or Cancel.

      I made all the reinstallation suggested by Dan and Alexander (XP SP2 and also PSA 2.0.1 nothing has changed. What can I do ?
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          Dear Colin, the solutions suggested in the FAQ (Jim Jutte) don't works, I made all three and the problem remains: I can't boot PSA 2.
          I'm not the only user that have this problem, watching the questions in the forum I see many people has the same problem. Can ADOBE give any "real" solution ?
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            Hi Juan

            I have the same problem you do and have tried all the fixes suggested in this forum (except reinstalling windows). None of them worked for me either.

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              Hello Everyone,
              I too have the same problems you guys have, and also tried everything I could, I am a novice user so I don't know what PSA@ is, but I tried the repair through the installation manger, and then deleting and re installing and so on, I went to the prog folder and I was able to find 2 (My catalogs files, and it was followed by a name of a screen saver prog that I have, so I deleted the screen saver, removed these 2 files, and went to repair photoshop from the download manager you get before you download and install photoshop, they told me repair was successful, but I still got the same massage like before, conclusion: Adobe tech people won't do anything unless you're willing to pay for their tech support, #2 I am not going to frustrate myself with this prog ( I stayed up all night) trying to figure away around this prob, for me it's an extra free prog that came with the adobe reader that I needed, I have read alot in this forum about the soooo many other problems people incounter with this thing, since i don't really need it to start with, i think the best way is to toast in the trash and that is that, good luck all.
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                Well, if it is any consolation to my numerous efforts to load this program, it is that a number of other users have had the same problems as I have. I assume that no one from Adobe reads this forum.

                I also have tried all the solutions, and have finally discovered the ultimate fix.... it's called 'add / delete programs' in control panel.

                Jim Blackburn
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                  Hi all,
                  I have also had this problem, but found a solution at
                  which worked for me:

                  From command shell, execute
                  regsvr32.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\msjtes40.dll
                  and good luck.
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                    ai bman

                    Thanks for the suggestion but it didn't work for me.

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                      Hello Ai and John:

                      I also attempted this solution with negative results. Successfully loaded msjtes40.dll, but that did not resolve issue.

                      Thanks anyway

                      Jim Blackburn
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                        Hello All,

                        I have the same problem you are having.

                        According to what I have been told by some people I know, all you can do is to reinstall the operating system. If you have Service Pack 2, you must uninstall it. After you reinstall the operating system, do not reinstall Service Pack 2. Service Pack 2 is the cause of the problem you are having. Instead, if you want the individual updates that do come with service pack 2, you can download the individual updates separately.

                        Before you reinstall the operating system, you need to backup all shortcuts (desktop shortcuts, shortcuts on the Favorites menu, etc.) and your History files (both your Internet History and your My Recent Documents folder), otherwise you will lose them. I'm sure you know where your History and Shortcut folders are, but if you don't, you can navigate to the root of your hard drive, and open the folder under "Documents and Settings" that is named with your system login name.

                        Other than your History and your Shortcuts, you (more likely) will not lose anything else, including your other programs you may have installed. Also, even though you probably not lose your documents, you might want to back them up, just in case.

                        I have not tried this solution yet, but, again, it is what I have been told. I will post a second message to let you know whether or not this solution worked for me.

                        Good Luck.

                        John Gasker
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                          Try the following it worked for me on 2 PCs each with Windows XP (Home) SP2

                          1. Click Start, Run and type cmd, this will bring up a command prompt

                          2. (For Win XP) Type in: cd c:\windows\system32, press enter

                          (For Win 2000) Type in: cd c:\winnt\system32, press enter

                          3. Type in: odbcconf /f odbcconf.rsp, press enter

                          This should configure your odbc according to the response file (odbcconf.rsp).

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                            Hi all,

                            I tried Mike's suggestion - it also worked for me, snice I had XP Service Pack 2. If that works for you, don't bother reinstalling your operating system.

                            Good Luck,

                            John Gasker
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                              Oh, boy, you guys got me excited. But, unfortunately, it did not work for my SP2 installation. And reinstalling windows XP is NOT a solution(?) I'm going to choose.

                              But thanks for the suggestion. Keep 'em coming.

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                                MY CATALOG ERROR RESOLVED:
                                After two days of frustration trying to open Adobe's Album 3.0 and Elements 3.0 I finally resolved this issue.
                                For all versions of Album and Elements who have this problem do the following: (Windows XP)
                                1. Download and install the adobe album or elements photo program.
                                2. Click on Start, Search and type in My Catalog.
                                3. When the search has finished you should see the My Catalog list.
                                The reason we are having all the problems loading the program is because the Adobe program is not associating with My Catalog files for some strange reason. Could be because of another photo program.
                                After associating each My Catalog file with the adobe program close the window.
                                4. Now do a My Catalog SEARCH again so you can see that all the My Catalog files are now active as you can see by the associated program's icon.
                                5. Close out of the search window and now go ahead and open the program. Hip Hip Hooray!

                                Glad I could help. Please pass this on to all it can help.
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                                  Thanks, Richard, but it didn't work for me.

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                                    I followed Mike Bibbings suggestion (#10), then I followed Richard' suggestion (#13). I then attempted to open the MY CATALOG-PJU by clicking on it. My computer automatically asked if I wanted to fix the file. After clicking Yes, it worked for me.
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                                      I am still trying to find a fix for this same problem. Aside from reinstalling XP I have tried everything suggested throughout all the forums and still not found a fix for this issue. Has Adobe put out a patch or anything to resolve this problem yet?
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                                        I think I wrote an FAQ on this in the Elements Forum. Check there.

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                                          None of the posted "fixes" have worked for me.

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                                            I'm sorry... that is all I have. Ideally someone else might have another
                                            thought. Otherwise, reinstalling always seems to help unless this is
                                            something that you have encountered from the start.

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                                              I already tried reinstalling the program. It didn't help. But thanks for your help.

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                                                When you reinstalled, did you delete the Adobe folders before reinstalling?

                                                Is this a recent problem, or has it existed since your first install?

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                                                  I did not delete the Adobe folders but will try that today. The program worked for a period of time, then one day failed.

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                                                    I still am not able to get this to work. I followed all the work arounds in FAQ's in the photo elements section but to no avail. This is a Win2K SP4 machine and the Photo album starter has never worked on it. I am local admin and have double checked and updated all the system requirements to match what is suggested. Uninstalled and reinstalled more than once including all the Adobe directories. Where do I go from here?
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                                                      If it has never worked and none of the solutions help, I can only suggest
                                                      Technical Support. They only charge when they find a resolution.


                                                      Let us know how that goes.

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                                                        Well, after many months and trying all the fixes in this forum with no success, I had given up. But a problem with TurboTax's adjunct program ItsDeductible led me to the solution to both my Photo Album and ItsDeductible problems. Both programs suffered ODBC errors. The ItsDeductible website suggested I try a fix which I first saw in this forum (and had tried several times months ago to no avail). But for some reason it worked this time.

                                                        The fix? Start....Run....REGSVR32.EXE MSJTES40.DLL

                                                        Now, in my case I had to fully qualify the pathname, so the fix became:

                                                        Start....Run...REGSVR32.EXE c:\windows\system32\msjtes40.dll

                                                        FYI: I'm using WinXP Home with SP2.

                                                        I have no idea why this fix failed to work several months ago and suddenly worked this time.

                                                        Thanks for everyone's suggestions.
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                                                          Thanks John,

                                                          I don't remember if this is in the FAQ, but if not, I'll put it in.

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                                                            Hello Friends:
                                                            I really need your help. I am running Win XP.. I opened up Adobe PhotoShop Elements for Windows 3.01 today and got a message stating the following:
                                                            "There was a problem open the catalog named "My Catalog".

                                                            Another user or application may have the catalog open, or one or more files may be missing, out of date, or damaged.
                                                            The ODBC datasource reported the following error:

                                                            (Microsoft) [ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Cannot open database '(unknown)'. It may not be a database that your application recognizes, or the file may be corrupt.

                                                            Attempt to compact and recover this catalog, then open again?
                                                            OK CANCEL

                                                            I choose OK and get this message:
                                                            A problem was encountered during catalog recovery. Your catalog may be OK, but if you experience problems with it that can't be resolved through the Recover Catalog option or restarting your system you may need to restore this catalog from a backup.

                                                            I have tried to recover the catalog usingthe FILE->CATALOG->RECOVER option but it doesn't work. I am the only user for this and have been running without problems for the past 12 months. I have not had an abnormal termination of my system so I am at a loss.

                                                            What can I do? Does PhotoShop keep backups of "My Catalog" because I haven't ....yikes?
                                                            Thank you
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                                                              Bless you! I've been working this problem for three days and finally found your suggestion and it worked! Adobe, if you are reading this stuff, post this solution on your support site. This one works!

                                                              Thanks again,
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                                                                I located the file MSJTES40.DLL. What am I supposed to do with this file? I can not locate the REGSVR32.EXE
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                                                                  I had the same problem as mentioned in post 25.  I'm running Photoshop Elements 4.0 in XP SP3.  It had run fine for years, and then when selecting View and Organize Photos, the "problem opening catalog" issue came up for no apparent reason.  I tried the solution in post 25 and it didn't seem to work.  I then tried the solution in post 10 by typing "c:\windows\system32\odbcconf /f odbcconf.rsp" (without the quotes) in my Run prompt.  Elements openned right up after that.  Not sure if the combination of the two fixes did it, or if it was really just the one mentioned in post 10.  Thanks everyone.

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                                                                    tishbyrne Level 1

                                                                    Hi ODBC problem researchers

                                                                      I had tried to correct this same problem myself for several months now off and on but couldn't find a solution so I finally decided to purchase the new versions 2 days ago and I don't like it as much as I liked the earlier 3.2 so I got on this site today and have been trying all the different solutions that have been suggested and I have finally succeeded.

                                                                      Here's a very big THANK YOU to ImgaFreeman. I tried typing in c:\windows\system32\odbcconf /f odbcconf.rsp three time but nothing happened so I figured that I must have typed it in incorrectly, so I copied it from your message and pasted it into the run box but had to do it twice before anything happened, after doing it and then starting up the Adobe Photoshop 3.2 it started downloading all my pictures and is now working again. I wish I had come to this site months ago or at least before I spent that extra money on the 7.0 version which I'm not crazy about.

                                                                      I hope everyone else can get their program working as well. Thanks again ImaFreeman I don't know where you got the info to put in the Run box but it sure did the trick for me.

                                                                      I'll be sure to check this site first if I ever have problems again with my programs. I may have to try several different ways to fix something but it's better than not having anyway at all especially when you don't even know where to start to fix it.


                                                                    Everybody have a great day, mine just reached 100%.


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                                                                      You know, I am just a computer user.  I use computers.  I don't program, I don't code, I don't know a darn thing about any of that and I cannot even understand the instructions for these supposed fixes.  But I have followed the suggestions I could understand, and no fix.


                                                                      So now I have no Adobe photoshop... Apparently I must go through several years of technical training to learn how to fix a problem with a product I paid for.


                                                                      And even then, apparently the people who can understand the suggested instructions for fixing this problem are having little luck.


                                                                      Do I have to purchase a newer version of Photoshop as a solution to this problem?  That really isn't a "solution" at all, just paying more money for a product that I can only hope never has this problem that makes it useless.  That would take some real faith.


                                                                      I mean, do any Adobe employees look at this stuff on this forum, or are us non-geek types who just want to take pictures and process them just out here on our own?  Trying to pick one geek solution over another, trying to follow the instructions that might as well be in Aramaic for all I can tell.


                                                                      How about a little quality control and customer assistance, Adobe?  How bout a solution I can implement like "Click here and Adobe will take care of the rest, and your program that you purchased from us will then work" ?


                                                                      This forum is as useful to me as my Adobe Photoshop program that now does nothing but tell me I have no recognizeable files on my computer, which houses thousands of photos - If I happen to know which sub-sub-sub directory a photo I want is in, then I can open it in Editor.


                                                                      But if not, oh well, I might as well have never taken the picture so far as Adobe Organizer, or Adobe Corporation for that matter, can tell.



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                                                                        Mark C. Dahm Adobe Employee



                                                                        I completely empathize with your frustration, but unfortunately I can't offer any alternatives other than to upgrade.


                                                                        The database problem you see in this old version of Photoshop Elements (version 4 is about 6 years old) is a result of failing technology which Elements, at one time, could reliably utilize. If you google ODBC errors, you'll see how widespread this technology issue is. It's not something that only Elements is exposed to, but any tool that relies on the technolgy can fail as a result.


                                                                        In order to remove Adobe's dependency on this increasingly fragile component, the company re-did the entire Organizer database in later versions of the program. You will not see ODBC errors with Elements after version 5 (I think, was the first time we had the new database).


                                                                        One alternative, which does NOT require you to pay more $, is to download and install the trial  version of Photoshop Elements 8. Assuming your catalog is not too corrupted, Elements 8 can import and convert your catalog into a readable format that is up to date, and not subject to this error.


                                                                        Even after the 30 days expires, you will not lose Organizer functionality. If you don't like how the current Organizer works, no $ lost.


                                                                        Hope that's helpful.



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                                                                          tongresnotredame Level 1

                                                                          Thank you for a coherent explanation in the English language.  I can google ODBC all day long and not see anything that a non-programmer can understand... at least not this non-programmer.


                                                                          I still don't quite understand why everything worked fine until a few months ago.  What magical event made things suddenly not work, I wonder?


                                                                          I did use the free trial Adobe 8 for a time, under the layman's theory that perhaps if my v.4 had a little rest maybe it would work again, which upon expiration of the trial version I was not terribly surprised to find as a flawed theory.


                                                                          Fact is, I like the interface in v.4 much better than that in v.8.  Also v.8 crashed on me a few times, and sometimes would not allow me to change tools until I shut down everything and restarted.  Don't care for that.


                                                                          If only I could continue using the v.8 organizer, and be able to launch selected pics directly into the v.4 editor, I would be satisfied, but of course that is not an option.  So basically the v.8 organizer is less help that the Windows Explorer for finding the files I want to edit, since once I locate them in Organizer I still must find them in windows explorer or the directory tree in Adobe Editor.




                                                                          But again, thank you for confirming in English what I could not determine in technicheese; I'm screwed, and its time to scrounge some dough for some new software - Though I am not sure that new software is going to come from Adobe.

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                                                                            Mark C. Dahm Adobe Employee



                                                                            I'm no ODBC expert either, but databases rely on indexes to keep track of things, and I wouldn't be surprised if something happened with the internal administration of a key file (could have been the file got broken into multiple sub files, and they don't work together any more (fragmentation), or the app crashed and now the internal data structure doesn't match reality, and thus the errors). I guess it's really academic, now.


                                                                            You can actually use the v8 Organizer with the Elements 4 editor, though there are some side effects. Namely saving files as version sets when you are done editing doesn't work (have to come in as separate files the Organizer).


                                                                            But if you select a custom Editor in Organizer, and point to the Elements 4 Editor, you can send files back and forth. The Organizer will not expire on you, so that might be a manageable alternative to upgrading.


                                                                            If you like the combination of Organizing and Editing, there aren't many alternatives out there. You could go with Windows Explorer and Photoshop Elements, and just drop the Organizer component altogether. You could go with another desktop Organizer, like Google Picasa, but it won't be any better integrated with the Elements Organizer than the v8/Elements 4 editor frankenstein approach.


                                                                            The tool changing problem sounds like a simple fix; just delete the prefs for the Editor. But sounds like you've made up your mind there, so I won't spend too much time trying to change it for you.


                                                                            Good Luck!



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                                                                              tongresnotredame Level 1

                                                                              "But sounds like you've made up your mind there,"


                                                                              Not at all.  I haven't even begun to explore alternative software.  I have become heavily reliant on the Organizer-Editor integration, and if in fact I cannot find that elsewhere, I will have to stick with Adobe PS. It is important enough to me that, assuming it will work for several years at least, I would rather forego losing the PS range of editing funtionality, even if it means having to struggle with minor fixes to software flaws... Picasa's limited editing functions, for instance, are simply not acceptable for me.


                                                                              I am also encouraged at your idea of using Org.8 and Ed.4 together, if that actually works I'll be moderately happy.  Actually that would put me back where I was, and I even like some aspects of the Organizer8 over organizer4 - like it is easier to move photos to new directories without breaking links. 


                                                                              If I do end up purchasing Adobe 8, I would like to solve the tool problem, but again, being no software expert, something like "just delete the prefs for the Editor" leaves me with a blank face and open mouth.  Also, the fact that it happens at all still seems to suggest to a flaw in the product that I would think the designer might could solve before marketing the product to ignorant end-users like me.


                                                                              I will try your Frankenshop idea first.


                                                                              Thanks again for the great ideas...

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                                                                                Mark C. Dahm Adobe Employee

                                                                                Frankenshop. Sweet.  


                                                                                If the dark UI is your main beef with the Elements 8 Organizer, there is a lightness slider in Prefs which can lighten things up; that's the main visual difference between the two that I hear a lot of people mention.


                                                                                If the Editor gets hung up, its preferences file is not properly edited/closed, and sometimes that creates a problem you notice the next time you start the program. The problems vary; could be it doesn't start, or the tools clunk out, or some other weirdness. As soon as I detect something not right, I recreate my prefs to see if that takes care of things, and often, it does.


                                                                                In fact, it happens often enough that a keyboard shortcut was created for this purpose; right after launching the Editor, hold down Shift-Control-Alt keys, and keep them down until you see a message about rebuilding prefs; then click OK and they'll automatically generate. That'll be there even in Elements 4 Editor, too; Photoshop has had that one, and it was inherited in Elements.


                                                                                Admittedly, the prefs file seems to be a fragile place to store key information, but there aren't really many alternatives.



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                                                                                  tongresnotredame Level 1

                                                                                  FrankenShop does not work.


                                                                                  When I try to add Adobe 4 Editor as a supplementary editing application in "preferences," Organizer tells me I don't need to add Adobe Editor because it is already a menu option.


                                                                                  Of course the menu option is my expired trial Adobe 8.