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    PASE freezes when attempting to launch

      Hi, hoping someone can help me with this problem. I've just spent two weeks scanning about 1500 old photos and don't want to lose all the tagging, captions and dates I've added via Photoshop Album Starter Edition. This morning, I attempted to scan another few photos, but PASE froze and didn't complete the scanning process. I had to eventually shut my computer down. I couldn't close PASE normally. When I rebooted, I couldn't launch PASE. I get the opening screen with the programmer credits and then . . . nothing. It slows the speed of other applications and just hangs there, creating a big "hole" in the middle of my screen. I redownloaded the software and installed it in the repair mode, but it didn't fix the problem. If I uninstall the software and start again, I assume I will lose all captions, dates, tags, collections, etc.? That would be fairly disastrous, so I don't want to do that, but I'm unsure what to do at this point. Would upgrading to the paid version help, or would I have to tag and organize all the photos again? Incidentally, I have a three-month old Dell Inspiron 1200 with plenty of processor speed and memory. I way exceed the requirements for the application.
      Thanks for any help you can give me.
      Kitty Bennett
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          smriti mehra Adobe Employee
          Hi,<br /><br />You may try deleting the preferences(psa.prf file) and then use Photoshop Album Starter Edition.<br /><br />Please delete psa.prf file (and other files) from <C:\Documents and Settings\<logon name>\Application Data\Adobe\Photoshop Album>. <br /><br />Application data is a hidden folder so you need to change view options in explorer to be able to view hidden files. <br />i.e. In Windows explorer --> Tools menu --> Folder Options...--> View tab, select options to see hiddden files and folders. <br /><br />Hope this helps.<br />Smriti
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            Hi, Smriti,
            Thanks for your help. I did as you suggested and deleted psa.prf. That didn't change anything. However, you said "delete psa.prf file (and other files)." I'm not exactly sure what you mean. Other files in the folder you specified include adp.prf, customevents.dat, email.xml and several others. Are you saying to delete everything in this folder?
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              smriti mehra Adobe Employee
              If you delete all the other files, there will be no data loss but the preferences set by you will be lost.If you have not set any preferences and are working with default preferences there will not be any problem in deleting those files also.
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                I did delete all the other files, but that didn't fix the problem. The application still tries to launch and then stops on "Initializing Model." Is this a problem with a corrupted database? Is there any way to save the captions and tags I've added to thousands of photos? Clearly others are posting here who have had the same problem. Why is Adobe not fixing this? At this point, if I can just get my captions back I feel like I need to not put any more faith in Adobe products and switch to another application.
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                  smriti mehra Adobe Employee
                  Hi Kitty,

                  There is some information about this problem in the knowledge base: http://www.adobe.com/support/techdocs/328730.html .
                  Hope this helps.

                  The following post also contains several suggestions to solve this problem:


                  If none of the suggestions in this post works, try loading the latest version of MDAC from Microsoft.com. This was also a suggestion in some post in the userforum and seems to have solved the ODBC problem for some users.