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    My catalog.psa empty

      In my continuing quest to solve the problem of PASE 3.0 not launching, I'm attempting to at least recover information from My catalog.psa, which I understand is the data file. I opened the tables in Excel, and there was no information there, so I sent the file to a friend of mine who has Access, and she reports the same thing: no data. What can that possibly mean and where do I go from here? Did the freezing-on-startup issue effect that data file in some way, as in wiping out all the information?
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          Barb__O Level 4

          What is the folder name in which you found the My Catalog.psa?

          You might not have found the correct file. If it is under Program Files, it is the wrong file.

          Use Windows Explorer, Tools menu > Folder Options > View Tab and click on Show Hidden Files and Folders. Then use Search and be sure you are searching Hidden Folders (its under Advanced Options).

          You should see multiple files named My Catalog.psa. The one with the most recent time stamp and under Doc and Settings, Application Data is most probably the file containing your data.

          Barb O