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    How do I get rid of EZ Photo?

      I attempted to install a "bonus" disk of software utilities that was bundled with another software product that included Adobe Album Starter.
      I was not impressed and uninstalled it. . .or I thought I did.
      The EZ Photo segment (apparently produced by Computer Associates) would not go away.
      It started to open with launch of completely un-associated programs (like Msoft Word. . .each time I would open Word, one of the icons at the top would suddenly be "EZP". Every time I would reopen Word there was another "EZP" until the entire row of icons would say "EZP"!)
      The module did not show in the "install and remove programs", so I did the worst and searched for each occurance of the program and deleated the files. I know this is not the way to do it but it was becoming an annoyance (!).

      It didn't help. Somehow there is a bunch of code that still lives.

      I also get error messages saying something like "Computer Associates has encountered a problem and needs to close." What ever I was working on at the time was lost.


      Sorry. I feel better now. . .but all the time I am working and am waiting for the message.

      I talked to Computer Associates and they say they did have a part in EZ Photo's creation, but could do nothing about it.

      I would call Adobe. . .but then you know what that is like.

      Can somebody help me?