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    Search History and TAGs creation

      Dear Adobe Support,

      The company where I work is a software developer and we are used to develop integrations making different applications to work together.

      We have a project where we are going to publish a group of pictures (thousand pictures) into a CD. The CD is going to be distributed to a group of person (limited group between 100 and 200).

      All these pictures have IPTC header fullfilled and we would like to know if they are searchable by Photoshop Album. If it is not searchable, we understand that we can use the TAG feature. Is the TAG information in the picture file or does it reside in a database? Do we have any application that transform IPTC information (or XML formated) into TAG information? Is there an automated way to create TAGs?

      Another feature. The resulting CD is going to be distributed for a group of persons and we know they are going to make searches and browse picture folders.

      Is it possible to save the browsing and searching history and timely send it to our FTP site from the Photoshop Album application?

      Some features may not be available and it is helpfull to know if there is a SDK package that can be used to develop new features.

      We are looking forward to receiving your reply.
      Kind Regards
      Fabio Tsuzuki