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    Captions on Thumbnails

      How do I display captions on thumbnails? I have "Details" checked but all I see are the picture's date and its file name.
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          If you display the Properties box for a single photo by selecting its thumbnail, then you can see the caption in Properties. Also, if you double click on a thumbnail so that its photo is displayed as a single photo within the Photo Browser, the caption will be displayed below.

          I can't think of a way to display the caption on top of each thumbnail; in many cases it would not fit.

          General Note: It is always a good idea to include your version number of Elements when you post a question: sometimes it does make a difference.

          Barb O
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            Barb O,

            Thanks for the reply. I am using PASE 3.0 and had already figured out how to use Properties and Single View. It would sure be a lot more convenient if the caption showed below the picture next to time and file name on the thumbnail. Then you would have a quick view of captions that need to be changed or added. BTW, are captions stored on the database along with notes? When I look at properties for the jpg files under Windows Explorer, I see neither.

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              Barb__O Level 4
              FYI - Another place that you can show Captions is in Photo Review. However, the Single Photo View is probably easier because you can change the caption right there.

              As I recollect, my experience was that the Captions entered or modified from the PSE are stored in the photo file. This is based on copying a photo file to a CD to take to another PC and then having the caption be as I had modified it on the original PC. Since it is possible to do a Find based on the contents of the caption, I think that Captions are also stored in the Catalog.

              I just used the free Irfanview photo editor to look at a photo file that I knew contained a caption entered via PS Elements 3 and it shows the caption text that I entered as an IPTC field. It might just be that Windows Explorer is not showing all the fields in the Properties display.

              Barb O
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                Sorry my mistake on the versions

                I was reading from several forums and I just now noticed that you post is in the Photoshop Album Starter Edition forum.

                I was doing these things with the Photoshop Elements 3 purchased product. I think that both products function the same for the captions but I am not absolutely certain.

                Perhaps someone else can post with a confirmation of whether PSA 3 works the same a PSE 3 Organizer in regard to Captions.

                Barb O