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    Diminishing system resources

      I'm using v 2.01 on an 800 mHz PIII HP PC with Windows ME. 2686 files in 9 folders have been tagged, many with multiple tags. Presently, 53 different tags are in use. I previously had as many as 95 different tags, but found that as more tags were added, system resources plummeted, and warning screens appeared that the danger point was being reached. The tag feature is great, but this limitation is frustrating. Is this to be expected or am I doing something wrong. Is there a solution to the system resources being devoured?
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          This isn't expected, but Win ME's resource management is well known to be a dog.

          You say system resources plummeted. Do you mean between sessions of using PSA SE or what? Do you reboot the machine regularly [every day, at least]?
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            Yes, I reboot daily, sometimes several times a day, and also defrag and run Ad-Aware and Spybot weekly.

            The first time I used PSASE, Windows Resouce Meter indicates 83%. As files were added and tags created and applied, the level progressively dropped. After either exit and restart or exit, reboot, then restart, when PSASE starts, the meter indicates 83%, but once the thumbnails appear, the resource level falls to the level it was when the program was exited. Once 2500 files had been added and tagged with some about 95 different tags, adding a few more files or new tags would drop the meter into the yellow zone. A few more, dropped it into red, followed by a warning screen. Reducing tag numbers to less than 60 increased resources above 30% and out of the yellow zone.

            Would updating to version 3 help? Are there major differences between versions 2 and 3? Is Windows ME even compatible with version 3? The Adobe site doesn't specify it, but some sources indicate that it is.
            I appreciate your assistance.
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              I doubt whether PSA SE 3 would work under ME. Very little software seems to now.

              I have not heard of such problems before.

              I am not sure of your sequence of events. You start with a catalog of 2500 images. Adding a few more causes the problem? 2500 is not a lot. 95 tags is quite a lot, but not silly. How many tags, on average, are you adding to each image?

              How much RAM do you have?
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                2500 images did not seem excessive to me, either, though I'll admit that 95 tags did seem to be stretching it.

                I'm just guessing, but probably a quarter of the images have a single tag, about half have two, and the remaining quarter could have three or more (I know that I've added 6 or more tags on a few wedding photos).

                As to memory, I have 250 mB, but the problem is with lack of resouces not problems with memory. BTW, do captions and/or notes have an effect on resources or memory?
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                  > the problem is with lack of resouces not problems with memory

                  For all intents and purposes, in Windows resources and memory are the same thing. 256Mb is on the low side.
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                    Colin: Thank you. I appreciate your prompt help.