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    burn to a dvd from adobe

      i am using windows xp and i want to know how to burn my pictures to a dvd disk to watch on tv.i thought you had to burn to a cd-rw but we could not wath it on tv,our dvd player would not play it.i am new at this .iwould like to know how to burn a dvd from adobe photoshop2.0 and can you have more than 1 song to play if you can how to do it.my pictures is over 1000 and i am trying to put about 350 to a dvd disk and play different songs.i have been in nero but you can add different songs but you can only do 99 pictures at a time.if anyone knows how to add more than 99 let me know how ,my dvd disk are 2hrs.long and i hate to waste that extra space.i would like to fill my disk up.can anyone help