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      Everytime I open up this program, it asks me to register. Then the program usually freezes. It's constantly loosing connections for pics and can't find them. The last time i used it , when asking me to register 'again', and I said I'd register later, it said that this would be the last time that it would ask me and I could use the program. I tried to resolve this before it crashed. Many of the photos that were uploaded are now missing im My Pictures and other files. This didn't start happening at first, however upon close review, I couldn't locate the original files. These are the only copies I have and i don't want to loose them.If I need to fix the problem, and try to restore the photos in the original format that I had saved them as to begin with.

      Please oh pretty please help...asap...as I'm afraid to turn off the computer in lieu of loosing them.

      I thank you so very kindly!