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    How to view across home network?

      I've got the software and all of my photos installed on the big server in the basement. I would like for my wife to be able to see on her PC the catalog that I created (and edited). I tried opening the .exe on the server from her PC but the software would not recognize all of the photos that I had already rotated. I'm just trying to avoid as much redundancy/confusion as possible. My first guess is I need to buy some other version. Any ideas?
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          PSA doesn't support networking explicitly. However, it should see image files that have a conventional pathname [drive letter etc.]. The program should be on the local machine. The catalog location is fixed [I think] for the SE version and that will be on the local machine.
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            I have the SE and have created a catalog (I think) with all the pictures and tags etc. Under Edit > Preferences there is an option to change all the file locations to network ones (including the location of catalogs). However, even though that location is save there is no files in it. Any ideas as to what the file extension of the catalog is so I can search and see if I actually created a catalog? Alternatively any ideas how you create a new catalog i.e start again.
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              As another suggestion you could install Adobe Photoshop Album on the server (not normally done I know) and then use a remote desktop connection (mstsc) to the server that way. A definate fudge but realistically the only option I can see at the moment to share a catalog.