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    moving to a new computer

      how do i move the tags to a new machine?

      thanks for the help
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          You asked this on the PSA forum and I answered. Which software do you have?
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            I appear to have a similar problem (i.e. tags have been lost when my photos have been imported to a new computer).

            I have referred to the posting on the PSA forum, but have not had any luck.

            I am using Photoshop Album v3.0 SE.

            Steps I have taken are:

            1. Install PSA v3.0 SE
            2. Import photos (folder structures are the same, but path varies slightly because Dell named the partitions differently; i.e. D:\ is now E:\).
            3. Replaced contents of ...Photoshop Album Starter Edition\3.0\Shared_Assets\database\odbc with the copies from my old PC. (This folder contains the .psa files).
            4. Rebooted PC

            This has not affected the photos in any way.

            As an aside, Windows reports that these files were last modified on 06/06/2005, which is before I even downloaded the software.

            Have I moved the wrong files?

            Or do I need to do anything else?

            Thanks for your help. I really want to ensure portability before I tag all of my photos again.


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              Since posting the last message, I have continued to try to resolve this issue. I have discovered that my new PC has the following folder structure:

              ...Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Adobe\Photoshop Album\Catalogs

              This contains two files, including what appears to be the correct My Catalog.psa file. (I believe that the files I replaced previously were not correct).

              However, this structure does not exist on my old hard drive.

              I have tried to think of everything, but just can't seem to locate the appropriate folder/files.

              (Hidden folders/files etc. are visible).

              Any ideas?
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                Have you made hidden folders visible?
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                  Yes. Hidden files/folders are visible.
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                    Thank you for your previous reply. The issue is now resolved. I apologise for wasting your time, as the resolution was straight forward 9although unexpected).

                    My old PC had 'died', so I had copied the files from my old hard drive to one of the drives installed on my new PC. It seems that this copy did not transfer all files. Fortunately, I still have the old disk and so was able to pick them up from there. I'm not sure why the copy didn't work...

                    Thanks again.

                    PS For any one referring to this post in the future, replacing the folder ...Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Adobe\Photoshop Album with the original folder seemed to do the trick.