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    Cropping in Photoshop Album 3

      1/ In the quick fix window the cropping sizes have changed from understandable numbers e.g. 4*6 to L and 2L.

      Why is this and how can I change them back ?

      2/ I have been trialing Elements 4, and to make simple adjustments and crop photos you seem to have to go through several saving dialogs when under Album 3 the save was far more simple. Why is this, and can it be defaulted in a different way ?
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          The two products are not comparable. Elements is an editing tool with
          "album" bundled into it... Album is a cataloging tool with a handful of
          editing tools... and that is it. Album 3 SE has fewer tools than Album 2.

          FWIW, the original is not changed. These products both make a copy when
          editing and you have to manually shut this off to change it.