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    Tag Search doesn't always show "best"

      I have lots of photos and have tagged these with quite a few tags.
      With some combinations of tags I get "best" "close" and "not", where "best" is photos with all selected tags, and "close" is photos with one or more, but not all the selected tags.

      For example, when I search for all photos with my brother in a certain town I get 2 best, which are the only photos of him in that town, and 144 close, which are a combination of photos of him in other places, and photos taken in that town, but without him in them, plus a whole stack of Not, which do not have either him or that town tagged, which is exactly how I would expect the tag search to operate.

      But, when I search for the same town and "bridge", I get NO best (although my manual count tells me I should get 12) and I get 140 close, but these are all photos of bridges anywhere, AND all photos of any topic in that town. This seems like an inconsistency.

      Can anyone offer any sort of expanation for this?

      I hope it is not related to the size of the catalogue. Does any one know if there is a limit on the numer of photos I can put in a catalogue (I currently have 7237) and is there a limit on the number of tags (I have around 700). Photos with a lot of people in them may have more than 10 tags, One for each person, one or more for the location (eg, HOME ; Town name where photo was taken), reason for photo, (Birthday, holiday, anniversary etc. )

      Thanx in advance for your time, and I hope someone can help me sort this out.