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    Video questions.

      I have 2 questions about videos in Adobe Photoshop.

      A. Is there any way i can flip them? I filmed a 30 second clip with my digital camera but its sideways. Is there a way to rotate it?

      B.Is there any way to change the type of file it is? If not with Adobe...is there another way? I want to change the file from .MOV to a .AVI or similar.

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          You can't edit video in PSA much less PSA SE, but I'm sure there are
          inexpensive/freeware products that will do that. You might want to see if
          Premiere Elements has that ability because you can bundle it with different
          applications such as PSE 3 (at least it used to be possible.)

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            I have a question and I hope somebody can answer it for me:

            Does anyone know how to save a GIF picture/video clip like the one on this website?


            It is just an example I found. When I right-click on it, it only says this:

            - Settings...
            - About Adobe Flash Player 9...

            It doesn't say anything about saving or copying, and I can't screen capture it, because then I won't get the movement...

            I hope somebody can help me...

            From Jacob.
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              I would send an email to the author to ask if they mind first. You can for
              anything that displays on your screen use something like snagit at

              There are other apps that do movies and audio as well such as replay... but
              again, ask the author/artist to be polite.