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    Thumbnails in Photoshop Album SE & disconnected files

      I need to know what I did wrong to avoid this from happening again AND I'm hoping there's a solution out there for me.
      (Please note, I am DESPERATE and am trying to salvage deleted photos.)

      Here's what happened: Part I: Turning thumbnails into working images.
      1. I connect a digital camera card reader to my computer to "download" photos using Adobe Photoshop Album SE.

      2. This has always worked fine, and then I modify the pics, which creates a file that has the original file name with the word "edited" in it.

      3. Recently, I went through the same process of connecting my card reader via USB, and "downloading" all my files into Photoshop Album SE.

      4. As per usual, I choose the download & delete setting.

      5. I decided I would edit some of the photos at a later date.

      6. When I reopened Photoshop Album SE last night, all the pictures I THOUGHT I had downloaded said they were "disconnected" showing a file path to the card reader, drive e. I was totally shocked. The files ALWAYS downloaded to c:/documents and settings/[my user name]/my pictures/adobe

      7. So this time I can see all the thumbnails in the "view all" setting of Adobe Photoshop Album SE, but cannot get to any of the pictures. I get the "disconnected" popup.

      I suspect I am screwed but I'm hoping someone can help me.

      I clearly see all the thumbnails in the "view all". Is there ANY WAY the thumbnail images can be converted to real images? Where are the thumbnails stored that Photoshop can show them and say they need to be reconnected to the source which, in this case, Photoshop DELETED when "downloading"?

      Which brings us to Part II: What the hell happened?
      You'll notice I keep putting "downloading" in quotes. When I say, "Get all pictures" from my card reader, I thought all my pictures were being copied into the album. That's the way it's always worked previously.

      Why didn't it work this last time? Was it a memory issue? Does Photoshop Album SE have a limit on how many photos can be loaded into any one album?
      Is that why it "captured" the images but didn't really download them?

      Any, and I mean, ANY assistance anyone can give me with this would be greatly appreciated. These particular photos I really, really need and staring at those thumbnails, unable to do anything with them is maddening.