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    Serial Number

      Can anyone please tell me where i would find the serial number for the photoshop starter edition? i see patient numbers but no serial number..
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          I seem to recall you should get a number by email when you download.

          "patient numbers"???
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            Hi Wendi,

            When you register through application you receive an email with unlock code. Using this unlock code you can unlock the application.

            Hope this helps.
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              I've registered the product and everything...i have full use of the program but.... i just went to elements...and with that i received a rebate. well....i can't complete my rebate without the serial number for my 'original' adobe program. the program came on my computer when i bought it so i'm kinda lost as to how i get that number or where it can be found. Thanks
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                > i can't complete my rebate without the serial number for my 'original' adobe program.

                The PSA Starter Edition is _not_ a legitimate software for an upgrade rebate. You need to have a _retail_ version of PSA, PSE or one of a bunch of other Adobe software (don't remember exactly which).

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                  I've tried to register this product and it always fails. The information I send, will not send. I have used the software for eleven days, it expires, I uninstall it, and try again. This has been going on for 16 months. I have e-mailed and called customer support about getting the "unlock code," but they do not seem to have an answer. One customer service representative said "I cannot help you" and hung up. What this basically means is that, you should just uninstall the software and forget about it.
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                    Please check the following posting:
                    Akshaya Saxena, "CAN'T REGISTER STARTER EDITION - HELP" #1, 3 Nov 2004 1:47 am

                    It says
                    >I would suggest you to log a bug/request for this at http://www.adobe.com/misc/bugreport.html
                    You will get your unlock/registration code through a registration email at the email-id you will specify in the bug report. Please also make sure to fill in proper information about you - your name, address, email-id and other stuff in the bug report. Also, enter the same information in the first screen of the registration in the Starter Edition. In the second screen, enter the code you will receive in the email and press Unlock Now button. In this way your copy of Starter Edition will be registered.

                    Hope this helps.