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    Photoalbum music

      I cannot get music from itunes into the music folder in the creations wizard. The only songs I can get are the ones with Photoalbum. How do I get my own songs from itunes into the creation wizard music selections?
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          You can import audio files [just MP3 and WAV I think] into PSA in just the same way as you import images. They are then available for use in slideshows.
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            Can some one please tell me how to get the music I have in my WINPLAYER into the PSA dropdown list?
            I would also like to know how I can get rid of all the different things I typed when I was trying to enter the music in that dropdown box. I have abaout four lines that the machine accepted but they are not the proper things. I am at the point of wiping out the entire PSA that I have and start all over again from scratch.
            I am not a computer whiz kid, just an old retired person trying to keep busy here with this computer.
            Appreciate any help that can be given with this on going problem I am having trying to get my music to work with the slide show.
            Thanks much.

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              I don't know anything about WINPLAYER, but does it actually contain your music? Or does it just play MP3 files that you have on your hard drive?
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                Colin .... Thanks for your input here.

                WINPLAYER came with the computer [DEL Demension 8400 with
                WINXP Home Edition]. I copied all my Calypso and Latin CDs to the WIN PLAYER. I followed the directions in PSA to add the music to slide show, but the machine cannot find any of the CD's that I copied into the player.

                I also have REAL PLAYER installed in the machine. So I again copied my CDs to that program and still PSA comes up with no files. I have tried typing in a path -- which I thought would work. I ended up with about four lines into that dropdown window --- which I cannot delet anything from. What a revolting developement I have stumbled onto.

                And then I tried the DELL JUKE BOX that came with the machine also. I only coppied one CD into that program and PSA still is not coming up with anything.

                I am going to start knocking this balding head against the four walls in this room ! lol lol lol

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                  You refer to copying CDs into these programs. None of these programs actually store music. They are putting all the files on your hard drive soemwhere. The questions are: where do they put it and in what format? Given the answers to these [which can be found by exploring the hard drive with Windows Explorer], you can import the required songs into PSA and you'll be up and running.
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                    Good morning Colin .... Thanks again for your assistance. I'll try to give you the "blow by blow" with this PSA audio for slide show battle.
                    AAA] I followed your advice and opened the EXPLORER and found where the files are located. "C:\MY DOCUMENTS\MY MUSIC\ (FOLLOWED BY THE 19 ALBUMS WHICH I COPIED into WINPLAYER.]"

                    BBB] The type of file shows: WINDOWS MEDIA AUDIO FILE

                    CCC] I then clicked on each of the albums in the C directory and they all showed a JUKE BOX icon in front of each listing. When I clicked on the properties of each listing they all show that icon which says "OPEN WITH MUSIC MATCH JUKE BOX". I then went and changed that setting to read OPEN WITH WINPLAYER.

                    DDD] I then opened the PSA slide show [which I have been battling with] to import the music for the slide show. In the IMPORT AUDIO WINDOW box which says LOOK IN I typed an album's name [.eg.: MIGHTY SPARROW.] In the FILE NAME in entered *.* and the 10 songs on that CD came up. I then selected track 05 and then I clicked O.K.

                    The PSA CREATING WIZARD WINDOW CAME UP showing the song title for track 5 in the background music box.

                    I then saved the slide show file as PDF. I put a dot in the OPTIMIZE FOR VIEWING ON SCREEN radio button, and then clicked O. K.

                    Then I closed all files, restarted the computer and opened PSA and selected VIEW SLIDE SHOW.

                    Well, Sir, after all of that .... The Slide Show played but ...[there is that proverbial BUT] NO MUSIC playing in the background.

                    So, where do I/we go from here. Or should I just connecct this contraption to a 220V outlet. [Headline in Daily News: DEL COMPUTER

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                      Have you tried just opening the PDF outside of PSA?
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                        Aloha, Royal Colin .....

                        Yes, I have tried that. The slide show works beautifully -- WITHOUT SOUND IN BACKGROUND.
                        I have even tried one of the music clips that show up in the dropdown list. Show plays with music from the dropdown choice; but not with anything I selected in my previous effort.

                        By the way ... I thought for sure you were going to ask me the standard THREE tech questions before trying to assist. lol lol lol

                        Which are: ARE YOUR CABLES CONNECTED?
                        IS THE POWER SWITCHED ON?
                        ARE YOUR SPEAKERS TURNED ON?

                        My answer is YES to all the above!!!

                        O. K.
                        Since I am unable to get this mashuganah contraption to play the music I want .... How do I get rid of the choices that are now in that dropdown window? Or do I have to start another topic window?

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                          I having the same problem.. sure could use some help.. got the music into MY MUSIC, get the title of the CD into the box afterhitting Browse in slideshow creation, but no individual tracks.. it worked once.. the first time I tried it, but not subsequently
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                            Have you imported the tracks into PSA?
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                              Hi Colin
                              You'll have to excuse my lack of knowledge, but I can't find a menu to do that. I do recall seeing it, but I can't find it now.. can you tell me where it is?
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                                And also, reading back to Debbie's originating post, she says
                                "cannot get music from itunes into the music folder in the creations wizard. The only songs I can get are the ones with Photoalbum."
                                Where are those songs? I can't seem to find them. Boy, am I dumb or what?
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                                  Aloha, Peter .... Aloha, Colin ....
                                  Peter .....You will find the small list of songs that came with PSA in the CREATE SLIDE SHOW WIZARD. Click on the arrow next to the BACK GROUND MUSIC BOX and the list will be there. I have discovered that not all of the listed songs work with the slide shows that I have been trying to put together. I have up not been able to get my own CD music to play with any slide show that I put together. It is frustrating.

                                  Hope you have better luck than I have been having.

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                                    Hey Jack
                                    Thanks.. but no joy with that suggestion... I remember when the software was loading, as all the stuff went by, seeing some reference to music.. Big Band and Hawiaan come to mind.. but now, nothing except the two tracks I got on there in my first attempt.. we need some more advice.. I'm sure it's a mouse click away..
                                    Are you in Hawaii? I'm in Eastern Canada..
                                    Let's get the answer to this.. puttin' music into slideshows is the main reason I got into this in the first place
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                                      Aloha, Royal Peter ...
                                      In response to your query......
                                      No, I am not in /or from Hawaii. I am in Queens, NY. I had gone to HNL on vacation "donkey years ago" <---{as we say in the West Indies] and I fell in love with the word "ALOHA". I also like to use "ROYAL" .. hence all my messages start with ALOHA, Royal (followed by name of person being addressed in the message).

                                      I can't explain how all the listed tunes disappeared from your dropdown box. It is just the opposite for me ... I tried typing in a PATH [about 6 times) in said dropdown box, the machine accepted them all, and when I tried to include any one of them in the slide show nothing happened. The show played but no music! I also discovered that a couple of the listed ones don't play with the slide show.
                                      I am also not able to get rid of that stuff that I had typed in the area.
                                      I think we should all write to the "powers that be" at PSA and tell them to fix the program to accomodate all of us.


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                                        Hey Jack.. been fiddling with this on and off during the day.. no luck.. also called Adobe.. they want $39 just to say hello, with no guarantee that the problem can be resolved.. so, anybody know another program that we can get that will let us build Slideshows or Video CDs with music?
                                        Let me know if you or anyone have any ideas.lease.
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                                          I don't think you have actually told us your problem. Have you imported th esongs into PSA? You do this just the same as you do pictures.
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                                            Colin.. no, the thing is I can't get the tracks into the PSA drop down menu.. just the CD title.. I load a CD into MY MUSIC thru either RealPlayer or Windows Media.. the tracks are in there cuz I can play them there.. but when I go to Browse in the Creation Wizard, open it, go to MY MUSIC, click on the CD title, the title shows up in the lower, bigger box, ... when I click on that, it jumps up to the little box on top, but I can't get the individual tracks. Mind you, it worked the first time I tried it, and two tracks are there in the drop dowm menu, but I can't get it to happen again.
                                            Frustrating, cuz it's prolly something really simple!
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                                              Colin.. when you say "just the way you do pictures" do you mean outside the Creation Wizard? I've studied all the menus, (File etc) and can't see anything that allows importing music files.. I must be missing it.. please help here.. thanks
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                                                Aloha, Royal Peter .... Aloha, Royal Colin ....

                                                Peter, I am in the same mashuganah boat as yor are. Yes, I almost had a kenipshun when I read the (expletive deleted)ADOBE rate of $39.00 for them giving assistance.
                                                I am going to scout around to see if I can find -- as you suggested -- another program that will let us add our "own" music.

                                                I am still trying to figure out why the music transferred the first time, and worked. It was all down hill after that.

                                                So, all I can say is ... IF I FIND ANOTHER [BETTER] Program I'll let everyone know.

                                                Once again, A BIG THANK YOU FOR YOUR EFFORTS with this (expletive deleted) PSA Slide Show dilema.

                                                Keep the Faith One and All

                                                Jack ......... arubiano@nyc.rr.com .........
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                                                  Hey.. a little digging found that a track must be an mp3 file to work.. that's why I got the two tracks that did get into the slideshow file to work.. of all the tracks that I have put into the Windows Media thingy, they are the only mp3 files ..
                                                  Does that sound right, and without copying all the tracks on all the CD's in my CD library, how do you tell easily if a track is an mp3 file?
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                                                    You get an MP3 if you compress a track from a CD to become that format.

                                                    > how do you tell easily if a track is an mp3 file?

                                                    Once it's on the computer, it will normally have a .MP3 extension.
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                                                      Colin.. dummy Peter here.. obviously I have no idea what I'm doing with this stuff.. but I thought that when I copied the CD to Windows Media Library, I was putting it on the 'puter.. but I guess not.. so, then, the obvious question is where does one load the CD so that it turns into an mp3 file that can be accessed by Photoshop? Can you help, please and thank you.
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                                                        > I thought that when I copied the CD to Windows Media Library

                                                        I have no idea what this does.

                                                        What I do is use a program that "rips" [that's the technical term] tracks off of a CD into an MP3. A good example is iTunes. You need to set it up to create MP3, but once you have done that it works very well. Better: you can drag the tracks from iTunes straight into PSA to import them [how cool is that?].
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                                                          Aloha Royal Peter ... Aloha, Royal Colin ....
                                                          I gave up on the PSA music problem. I went into the MS Web Page and I found a FREE download that lets you enter your music in a slide show. The program is PHOTO STORY 3 FOR WINDOWS. I have been experimenting with it, and so far it seems to kinda work. The only hangup I now have is trying to get it to work the way it should. Case in point ... When I play the show the music is great, but the images are like 2" x 3" ... when I click on the FULL SCREEN icon all I get is a super large image that is like a checker board. Since this is not a PSA thingy that I am envolved in I don't think that PSA will appreciate me going into all details here on their site.
                                                          I'll try to figure this new thingy out and let you know how I did.

                                                          Sayonara .....

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                                                            Happy Days are Here Again

                                                            Jack, first I gotta thank Colin, for his tips and information..
                                                            Colin.. many thanks getting me straightened out here was quite a job and I thank you for your patience..
                                                            Jack.. it's easy, trust me here, the key is that the tunes have to be in mp3 format
                                                            And that's easy to do.. first, you gotta load a program called iTunes, which you can find thru any search engine.. download it, it's free .. iTunes will allow you to import and store folders (albums) and files (tracks) in mp3 format in a library.. then when you click on Browse in the Slideshow Creation Wizard, go to My Computer, go to Programs, go to iTunes, click on folder (name of album), up come the individual tracks, click on the one you want, Presto, it's in the little box and away you go.
                                                            iTunes also has a great help function !!!
                                                            So, I hope this is of help to you..
                                                            If you want to email or IM..use peloma@rogers.com
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                                                              Nice to hear from a satisfied "customer". :-)
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                                                                Aloha, Royal Peter ... Aloha, Royal Colin ...

                                                                Once again thank you much for all your input in my/our PSA music dilema. I'll try what I just gleaned -- via Peter, from you, when I get back home later. Have date with grandkids [Boy 5 yrs & Girl 8 yrs] to take them to the movies. I hope I don't fall asleep {as usual) .. NO COMMENTS FROM YOU GUYS! lol lol lol

                                                                Peter, Thank you for passing the info on to me. Appreciate all you guys have come up with.

                                                                Regards to all,


                                                                [e-mail: arubiano@nyc.rr.com]
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                                                                  Looking at your email, are you actually in NYC? I am going there next Sunday for a couple of days with my daughter on a long-postponed [long story] jaunt [we are in the UK]. I'm interested in recommendations ...
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                                                                    Aloha, Royal Colin ...... Aloha, Royal Peter ....

                                                                    Colin .....
                                                                    Re your upcoming NYC visit:
                                                                    The best thing I can recommend is for you to check out
                                                                    the New York City website: WWW.NYC.COM
                                                                    I 'll be out of town 14JUL-24JUL to visit youngest
                                                                    daughter and family in DAL.

                                                                    Peter .....
                                                                    I was able to do that "Itune"-jig and was sucessful with getting my
                                                                    music to work with the slide show.

                                                                    Thanks to you, and Colin I am a HAPPY CAMPER !!

                                                                    Oh, BTW .... I removed the Photo 3 for Windows from my system.
                                                                    I guess I am confusing this machine with all of those different PICTURE programs! lol lol

                                                                    Have a good day all.....

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                                                                      Can somebody provide me with very detailed instructions on how to add music to a slideshow when creating it with Adobe Photoshop Album Starter 2.0?

                                                                      That would be for existing as for new slideshows.

                                                                      Thanks and Regards.

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                                                                        Hey Gerry.. are you sure you can load music into the "Starter" edition? I'm not sure you can.. you may have to spring for the full Photoshop 2.0 software to get to the music capability.. if you find out you can put music into the starter level, let us know and we''ll jump in to help you as beat we can!
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                                                                          Peter, thanks for your response.

                                                                          The software says that you can add music etc. however I did not find how and that's why I posted my initial question. It seem to me that you're aware that this is not possible, however I recall that long ago I was able to have some slideshows with music included but do not recall how they were done.

                                                                          I'll select another tool if we cannot do it with the version that I have.

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                                                                            Have you actually tried importing music [MP3, WAV] files into PSA SE [in just the same way that you import images]?
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                                                                              Hey, Gerry
                                                                              OK.. let's walk thru it
                                                                              Bring up Photoshop album (PSA)
                                                                              Click on create in toolbar to bring up creation wizard
                                                                              Click on sliDeshow.. then next
                                                                              Choose style. then next
                                                                              That brings up "Set-up" screen, with one of the set-up choices being "Background music"
                                                                              Click on the Browse button
                                                                              Do you see a list of "music"?
                                                                              If so, click on a track, and it will appear in the set-up page, and be in your slideshow
                                                                              Click on next, and carry on

                                                                              BUT IF THERE ARE NO "TRACKS" IN YOUR MUSIC CACHE, YOU WILL HAVE TO INTRODUCE A FREE, DOWNLOADABLE PROGRAM SUCH AS "iTunes" to get some music into that part of PSA so that you can use it.. to be useable, the tracks have to be in mp3 format.
                                                                              We can help with that if you need some assistance
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                                                                                I think that we're talking about different programs. I do not see any style buttom of sorts. My version allows me to press CREATE SLIDESHOW and bring in pictures and files that I can search using options, I can bring also MP3 files into the list but when I press the create slideshow buttom the only items that are selected are the pictures. It discard the music files even thougth it allowed me to included in the initial selection.

                                                                                If I press continue it then asks me if I want to display full screen etc. etc. or reconnect files (again only list the pictures there) and then ask me to give a PDF name and create a PDF file but there will be no music.

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                                                                                  Hey Gerry
                                                                                  I had the same problem 'til I got the full PSA 2.0 software.. Adobe will sell it to you for $39, or you can get it from Software Surplus for $17.. your call.
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                                                                                    Thanks, for some reason I think I had it (as I had slideshows with music) and lost it or un-installed or something. I also had Adobe photoshop elements that came with the computer installed and now when I try to run it is asking me for the license number that I do not have or do not know where it is.
                                                                                    Thanks for the information.