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    Autosuggest based on Select Value

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      I'm in the process of reworking a pre-existing form and related queries that
      allows a person to search for my agency's services based on City, County or
      ZIP Code.

      We have two fields: locationtofind (text field) and locationtype (select
      containing the above values, with City being the default)

      What I'd like to do is populate the autosuggest with values based on the
      value of the currently selected locationtype. How do I pass or bind the
      currentvalue of locationtype to the autosuggest call to a CFC?

      Texas has a huge number of place names in addition to its 254 counties, so a
      dynamic search using a cfc as you type query is a must.

      Any examples would be quite helpful.

      Thanks in advance,

      Michael Brown
      Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services