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    Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition  vs.  Picasa?

      Hi everyone..

      I have just installed Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.0 and I'm wondering about a few things. Bear with me here...

      1. I use Piccasa strictly as a picture-viewer program. I'm not 100% happy with it, could anybody pursuade me and my curious friend, why I should switch to Album Starter? I would like that.

      2. What I DO like about Piccasa is that it just view my pictures and do not copy them into a special piccasa-format. I have several file-formats in my picture-folder and I would like Album Starter to view all of them without changing the original location of the file, nor copy it, taking up a lot of disk-space.

      3. Another thing I like about Picasa is that if I have changed, added or removed a picture in the original file-location it updates those changes when I launch the program.

      4. I understand that there are several ways to view your photos. But can you also view and navigate your pictures through folders while you are in Album Starter? Because thats one thing I hate about Picasa, it just place all my folders on the side of the page, meaning it takes them out of their original folder and destroys the dept-folder-system I have made.

      5. Does Album Starter have a nice search function?

      If anyone could take the time to answer these very bad formulated questions, I would be very grateful.

      - C.C.
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          1) PSA SE has better organizing tools [tags/collections] than Picassa. There is also a clear growth path if you want something more powerful [Photoshop Elements Organizer is compatible].

          2) With PSA SE you keep your image files anywhere you want.

          3) PSA SE has limitations in this area. You are encouraged to move files about from within the program.

          4) I'm not sure that you'd prefer PSA SE in this respect. You are really encouraged not to think in terms of folders, as that is not a way to organize a large collection of images [say much more than 100].

          5) It has various ways to search - what are you after? Using tagging intelligently means you very rarely need to search. [I have use this technology for 3 years and only used Search a handful of time.]