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    Where are my pictures saved?!

      I just started using Photoshop Starter Edition today and I'm really frustrated!

      I imported all the photos off of my digital camera that I took on a trip last week and then deleted them from the camera. Now, it seems as if all my pictures are trapped in the Photoshop program, because I can't figure out a way to attach them to an email (I don't use Hotmail or Outlook).

      When I click "Browse" to attach them to an email from my Yahoo email account, I can't find the files. They're not under My Pictures, and when I click on the Photoshop file, it just attaches the actual program.

      The pictures have a JPEG file name written below them in Photoshop, but where on my hard drive are they saved??

      And why can't I just right click on a picture and "Save Picture As" to wherever I want? HELP!!