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    file too large for quick edit mode

      just bought a 12 mega pixil camera. using the photoshop album has been great until now. i can not use the files for quick edit. i can import the files from my camera after doing the recomended steps but in quick edit mode i am not able to do anything with the files. I can totogglento CS and that's the only way to do any editing but it is time consuming. After a wedding i have about 2000 photos to edit and it's just fufrustratingo have to toggle each time for a quick fix like auto balance, i have 1G of RAM and i have version 3 and have had no luck.

      Thank you for your help. if you have been successful in editing a 12 megapixil file please let me know....

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          More information on this issue....

          I am importing them as JPEG.

          I have cropped the photos by 1/100th of it's original size so by definition i am reducing the pixels.

          ie, original jpg file is 3.5 MG photo:4368x2912 file type is jpg
          camera canon eos 5d

          error message is: "the photo you are tying to edit is too large and cannot be eidited. please try usign adobe photoshop or adobe photoshop element s to eidt this photo."