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    PSA 2.0 vs PSASE 3.0

      Within the last 2 weeks, my wife downloaded the PSASE 3.0 program based on a popup that said upgrade to 3.0. I'm finding the PSASE3.0 very limited in it's abilities compared to PSA 2.0. So I'm confused on why the PSASE 3.0 is an upgrade. Here are a few things I'm having troubles with:
      1. Doesn't appear that I can back up any more.
      2. Doesn't appear that I can open pictures with PSE2.0 for more editing.
      3. The Red Eye fixer in PSASE3.0 is inferior to PSA2.0.
      4. Doesn't appear that I can "create" anything...like postcards.

      The only feature that looks new is something to do with mobile phones.

      What's the deal? How much does it cost to pay for PSA 3.0 if you already own PSA 2.0? Do you get more options with 3.0?