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    Photos loading in wrong order, PASE 3.0 from digital camera

      I have PASE 3.0 and a FinePix A303 digital camera. I took photos on a three day trip to the Outer Banks. When I loaded them to my computer I took advantage of the renaming feature and had each picture named "Nags Head 04-06" and then a sequential number. All the photos were imported perfectly except for one thing. They are completely our of order. I.E. picturees #1 - 12 were from April 16, the next few were from April 14, then some from April 15, then back to April 14, etc, etc. When I do a straight copy from the camera I get all the photos, named "DSCF0002.JPG" "DSCF0003.JPG" etc and they are in the correct date/time sequence. Does anyone have any idea why PASE 3.0 is shuffling the pics into some random order before uploading?
      Thanks. Bob