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    can't move photos & "open" from file now hangs all programs

      I downloaded the free Photoshop Album Starter that was offered with the Adobe Acrobat 7.07 upgrade. When I opened it, it started to automatically download my photos and I stopped it after a few files were loaded. I have so many photos it would have been a hard-drive space disaster to load them all.

      I can no longer use the "move" command (although delete still works) in the microsoft picture manager list (I have microsoft XP Pro 2000) and whenever I use "open" from the file menu of any program the window opens with no files showing and cannot be closed. I have to use CTL/ALT/DEL to end the non-responding program. Needless to say this is more that inconvenient! I have the Creative Suite CS2 and don't really need this program. How do I safely remove it? I have read that others have lost photos in the process and that would not be good. I have been working on saving all my photos to CD's so that may not be a problem. I want my computer back to it's original working condition! Any suggestions and how do I let Adobe know about this?
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          Hi Lauren,

          I'm not quite sure I understand your concern. What are you downloading from
          that has more images than your hard drive has space? Is it possible that you
          confused downloading with indexing?

          PSASE needs to catalog where your images are but it is not recreating them
          or moving them. Please clarify.

          At this point, you should uninstalled PSASE and reinstall. It sounds like
          you corrupted something when you interrupted the job.