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    deleting pictures

      Hi. As I serch the internet, some pictures find their way into my computer and stay there. How can I access and delete them?

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          I too am having the same problem. Since loading Adobe 3.0, every picture I have viewed on the web is saved to my computer. How do you stop this from happening?

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            I don't have this app on my PC anymore... I'm wondering if you are running
            into two things... the browser is keeping the images in the cache and PSASE
            is "watching" the folder in which these images are stored. In other words,
            previously these images might have been stored on your computer... but
            without something cataloguing them, you would not have known... NOW... you
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              Jim, you're probably right, but how do I cure the problem? I have Kodak and Coral programs on my computer in addition to Adobe. Should I get rid of Adobe entirely and use Kodak or Coral?
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                i am having the same problem.There must be someway to prevent this happening in the set up on the software can anyone advise
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                  BobGager Adobe Employee
                  In Adobe Starter Edition, you can change how it automatically finds files by going to Edit > Preferences, and then selecting the Favorite Folder section.
                  In there, you can tell it which folder to watch (your Favorite Folder) and whether or not you want to be notified if new images show up there.

                  Adobe Starter Edition doesn't change how your browser stores images on your computer, only how new images get presented to you inside of Starter Edition.