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    F1 Help not available except on web

      Just thought I'd try out PSA SE3

      Seems to work, but there are no help files. It just sends you to the PSA SE3 home page, which is how I found this forum. Sort of OK, but its not exactly the easiest way to get context sensitive help beyond the tips that pop up here and there. Most unfriendly

      Searched out the Readme first.wri file in with the Program files and it suggests psase3_help.pdf is available for download, but its not obvious where from.

      Am I missing something?
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          so I've found the psase3_help file. It doesn't really give much of an overview, just specifics in a step by step manner which is OK as far as it goes.

          What I really want is guidance on how it manages the images, so I can anticipate and therefore avoid problems and clashes related to file locations and database integrity.

          I'll forget about 'help' from the software and see if I can be bothered figuring it out for myself by trial and error...
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            Hi Bruce,

            PSA doesn't actually move the images around so much as catalogue them. So
            for example, you could have 10 different images in 10 different folders, but
            they would all appear in the viewing area. The organizing that you do per se
            is with tagging...again, you are essentially sorting them by category in the
            catalogue, but NOT physically on the HDD.

            Does that help to get you started?

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              Thanks Jim
              Yes, I am aware of that, although one does need to know where the catalogue files are, and what they are called etc to back them up.

              Also, if its anything like Adobe Elements, it will not use sound files associated with pictures directly, but rather make a copy for its own use in another particular place. (Of course now that I've found the help file I can infer that it may not handle sound files at all)