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    Recommended Photo Album Software? (PSA 3.0 SE?)

      I have used Photoshop (v6.0 thru CS) for some time now.

      I use this for both complex and simple imaging editing. I have no real intention/desire to use any "simplified" solution for basic editing.

      I need a Windows based Photo Album solution to view, categorise etc. my "snap shot" library. I have downloaded and started to use Photoshop Album v3.0 SE to do this, primarily due to my familiarity with and confidence in Adobe.

      However, I am not sure whether this is the most sensible solution for me. Does anybody have any recommendations.

      My main concern is that of portability and future proofing (I have made a separate post relating to the problems I am having tranferring my "album" to a new PC).

      I don't have any issues in paying for software, but am trying to avoid over-kill; in particular, I don't think I require PS Elements to allow me to store/view/categorise images when the remainder (majority) of it's features will be wasted.

      I had expected Adobe to offer a highly competent stand-alone image organisation tool. Am I right in saying that this does not actually exist, and the PSA v2.0 is now superceded (by PSA 3.0 SE & Elements).

      Any suggestions?
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          Firstly, when it comes to software, future-proofing is almost impossible. Adobe have a degree of openness in their solutions, which gives you a chance.

          > PSA v2.0 is now superceded (by PSA 3.0 SE & Elements)

          Not quite. PSA 2 is officially still a shipping/supported product and has greater functionality than PSA SE 3 [don't be fooled by the version numbers]. PSE 3/4 add further capabilities.

          Considering that it is so cheap, PSE 4 is worth considering, even if you don't use any editing capabilities, you'll get the best image organizing software that Adobe currently offer, which integrates very well with CS.

          Further down the line, Adobe's Lightroom is probably what you want. It's in public beta [on Mac], so don't expect it too soon.