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    Trouble importing photos to PSA SE 3.0

      With Photoshop Album Starter Edition 2.0, after connecting my camera (Kodak CX7430)to the computer, photos appeared in the downloader and were automatically saved in the Photo Well. No problem. Since installing PSA SE 3.0 photos will not save. Photos appear in the downloader, and then I click on a folder location. When I leave the program the photos are not saved. The PSA SE 3.0 directions say to click on the "Get photos" button after selecting a folder but there is no such button that is operable on the screen. What can I do to get the photos to be imported and saved into the Photo Well? Do I need to do something further after selecting a folder?
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          Something odd is going on here Hugh. Did you install v. 3.0 with antivirus
          software on? I would try shutting down all applications, uninstall 3.0 and
          reinstall it before trying anything else.

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            Do you mean that Get Photos button of Photo Downloader is disabled?

            Could you please following steps

            1. Launch Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.0
            2. Connect your camera to the PC
            3. Adobe Photo Downloader will auto-launch. If not, then go to File
            --> Get Photos --> From camera or card reader
            4. Select your camera in Adobe Photo downloader
            5. Choose the location for saving files
            6. Click Get Photos.
            7. Your files be downloaded to the specified location and will be shown in photo well.

            Please try and let us know if you can any issues.