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    Photoshop Album Starter edition 3

      I have been trying to burn my photos to CD and have managed to use about a dozen disks and still haven't succeeded. I have downloaded the latest update and do have 'Burn to CD' as an option. I have selected all of my piccys that I want and have clicked on Burn, the system rolls along nicely saying that it has written files to CD, it then whirrs on some more and finally tells me that the burn was succesful but when I try to look on the CD there is absolutely nothing there. I thought that I might have better luck by saving the pictures to another file and then copying them from there but there is no 'save as'option available and not being too brilliant on the pc I cannot find where APASE hold the pictures. Does anyone out there know the answer to this problem of burning to CD and is there anyone who has actually managed to do it? I see that someone on the forum prefers to use third party burning but how can I do that? many thanks, Geoff.