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    Download question?

      Can you download pictures from Starter edition to a "Zip,Flash drive". I have a 512MB one and would like to use it for this, if possible. A "gestemate" how many would it hold, if you have a guess, please.

      B. J.
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          Exactly what do you mean by "download"? This word is over-used and mix-used to such an extent that it is frequently meaningless. Do you want to make a copy of image files to this drive? Or do you want to move them off of your hard drive?

          How many you can get on there depends upon how big the files are [obviously]. This, in turn, is somewhat related to the number of megapixels delivere by your camera. So, I can't even guess. However, it's easy enough to work out. In PSA SE open the Properties pane and click on a picture. This will show its size. Do that on a few to get an average [they will vary]. Then divide that into 500,000,000.
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            Thanks Colin,
            I should have made it clear that I want to "Copy" the inages to the drive.
            The camera is a 5.1 Mega Pixel one , set at 3. My pics are all less than 3MB. I figure 16/17 pictures per download copy. That sound right to you?

            Thanks again,
            B. J.
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              Right. To copy the images:
              Open Windows Explorer/My Computer and navigate to the drive.
              Open PSA SE and select the images you want to copy.
              Drag them to the WE/MC window.
              You're done.

              Your calculation is awry. You can store 160-170 images.
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                Right on Colin! I never was good with descimal points. Need to stop and think, or use a little common sense. I really do know 3 will go into 512 more than a 100 times. hehe

                Thanks for the instructions!