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    Trouble Creating .pdf Slideshow

      I can not successfully create a pdf slideshow. Whether I select 25 or 2 photos, I tried creating a pdf slideshow using each of the three optons given for "Size and Quality" (Optimize for viewing on screen, Optimize for printing or Use full resolution). All appears to go well and I receive the "The PDF has been created. Would you like to view it?" prompt. After selecting yes to that prompt, I temporarily see the first photo in the Adobe Reader window and then the display goes black. Nothing happens until I select the "esc" key. Then the Adobe Reader window reappears with the Adobe Photoshop Album message window indicating "The sender has created this slideshow using Adobe Photoshop Album.....do more with your digital photos!" This message window give options to download PSASE free, play the slideshow or exit. Selecting play obtains same result as before. I have re-downloaded PSASE at least 2x.

      Any hints on how to correct?