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    Cannot Load JPG Files From Canon Powershot S2 IS


      I'm having a problem loading JPG files from my Canon Powershot S2 IS. When I plug the camera into the USB port, I get the Canon Camera/DV Twain Driver with a list of images to import. They are all JPEG images, which is my camera's native format. (I don't think RAW is available on this model.) But when I select an image by double-clicking it, it is imported into Photoshop Album (Starter Edition 3.0), but has somehow been converted to TIFF.

      The problem I have with this is that the TIFF format uses up about 7 time more disk space than the original JPG and I can't afford a new hard drive right now. I simply don't have enough disk space available to import all my images. (I plan to back them up on CD after importing.)

      I see that Edit -> Preferences -> Scanner has an option to save files as JPEG, but Edit -> Preferences -> Camera has no such option.

      Please help! How do I get the images to stay as JPEG?

      Debbie Hunt