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    Minimizing photos to a website

      I hope I can articulate this issue.
      I have opened an online store, and am attaching photos to products listed. however, when you click to enlarge the photo of the product it comes out only partially,and huge. How can I minimize these to normal size for a web site???? Thanks
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          There is no easy way to do this with PSA SE [only a very roundabout one, which I will explain if you are desperate]. The paid-for version of PSA and the more recent PSE 3/4 have good facilities to acheive what you want.
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            I am desperate!

            The problem is that when I download the photo to my online store it captures it and looks fine. However when you click under it to see a "Larger view" it is so big that you only see the item partially. How can I reduce this for this purpose? I am computer challenged, so if you do have a solution please give step by step directions. Thank you very much, I do appreciate it. Brian in Miami
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              OK. It actually isn't too hard.

              In PSA SE, go to Edit/Preferences. Find the email settings and choose the option "Other (save to disk)" - then select a suitable folder.

              Now, you can choose the images that you want reduced size copies of and "email" them, selecting a suitable size [say 800x600]. The new copy will be in the selected folder and you can upload from there.