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    Old Tiff pictures

      We have many old Tiff pictures we scanned around 1990 on a Mustek hand scanner that Adobe will not read. I have tried many converters but images still come back like they are "out of sync". The below note was from one of the companies that have converters that didn't work and as indicated they suggest it may be a very old Adobe version that would work. Does anyone know where I might access one of these old versions? These pictures cannot be replaced since many of the owners are since deceased and we cannot locate the current owners.

      Below is the input from the converter company...

      Hi Walt!

      I'm wondering if they could be TIFF tiled pyramidal jpeg images. According to the Encyclopedia of Graphics File Formats TIFF 6.0 introduced the concept of tiled, rather than stripped, bitmapped data, but Adobe's official TIFF 6.0 Specification wasn't released until 1992. Another party with same/similar problem:

      xnview (Problem opening some Tif files) I have a problem opening some tiff files. They appear as though the hoizontal sync is off, in both the preview and the full screen.

      Any idea's?