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    cant share photos by email

      hello my name is emily and i need HELP iwent to the share button to email a photo and a box appeared telling me to enter my sever that way i could email photos, so i entered what i thought was right which was http, well it wasnt right, it would not email any photos and an error message appeared so itried to go back and fix it by trying to email another photo to get that box back up that wanted to know what sever but i cant get that box back if i could i think it could be fixed and how do i know what server to put in? As you can see im not computer friendly and dont understand much i got the computer 5 days ago so will someone please HELP ME?!!!!!! you can email me at strawberriesrred@yahoo.com. I have voice email that way if somene else does maybe they could walk me through it
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          I do not believe that you can use PSA SE to send emails via Yahoo. You need to have a conventional email account, which would be accessed using Outlook Express [for example]. Or I beleive that you can use HotMail.
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            how do i get a email account with outlook express? when that erroe message was popping up it was in an outlook express box?!
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              Most Internet service providers give you an email facility along with the basic access to the Internet - although some of the more recent "cut down" products do not. They would provide you with the parameters to set up Outlook Express.

              Alternatively, you can just continue to use your Web based email, with just one more step. In PSA SE, go to Prefs and set the email option to be "save to folder". Now, when you use the email facility, it will save the copies of images [at the size you specify] into a folder. You can then send the email using your usual Web email access and attach the images.
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                BobGager Adobe Employee
                Another way to share photos without having to deal with eMail is to share them via an online photo sharing service. Starter Edition has integrated access to Kodak EasyShare Gallery. Just click on the photo(s) you want to share, and then select the Share Online... menu under the Share icon.