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    Backing up on reinstall of PC

      Hi - My PC is in need of a complete reinstall and I need to first backup my Photoshop Album Starter Edition settings (eg Collections). How can this be achieved so I can reinstall the software and then get my collections back?

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          First, let's get the terminology right: it is your catalog that you need to save - collections are just one of the things stored there.

          Given that you have created a backup of all your image files, you will need to restore them later to exactly the same location as they are in now.

          The other key file to locate, which will be in a hidden folder in Docs&Setting somewhere is My Catalog.PSA It is possible that you will find more than one, but the date should help you identify the correct one. You should reinstall PSA SE first, then reinstate this PSA file.
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            Hi - Thanks for your reply. I located the My Catalog.PSA file in the PSA SE install directory under C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop Album Starter Edition\3.0\Shared_Assets\database\odbc

            I noted that as well as My Catalog.PSA file being modified the My Catalog-pju.psa file is also modified.
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              You could save that other file too, but I'm 99.9% certain that PSA SE will rebuild everything from the My Catalog.PSA file.