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    Can not open album starter edition 3

      Hi can anyone help, I used to be able to run album starter edition ( on windows xp )with no problem. Now when I try to access the programme it gets to the intro with all the guys names on who designed the software and then freezes when it gets to 'initializing model' Ihave tried to reinstall and repair with no result Help! thanks
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          In the absence of any changes Nick, I would suggest you just uninstall and
          reinstall it. It will reinstall any files that have become corrupted.

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            Hold down CTRL while it starts - see if that does anything.
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              Hi Nick, I have exactly the same problem in every detail. Have tried reinstalling 3 times, also holding down the control key.

              Have noticed that all the files downloaded are dll types only (no exe)?
              No error messages at any time.

              I am running XP professional on Dell laptop using Mozilla Firefox.

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                Is there any resolution to this "startup stalls at 'initialize model' stage" issue? Unfortunately I have this exact same issue.

                Win2000 Pro SP4
                Dell Precision 530 dual Xeon 1.5GHz
                PSASE v3.0

                It has been working fine for ages. ~5K images in the system. Then one day it decided to go on strike. On launch it just stalls at the "initializing model" message on the splash screen.

                I've tried the following:
                * repaired the application - no change
                * reinstalled the application - no change
                * opened the [My Catalog.psa] database in Access and run the "compact & repair" database - no change
                * renamed the [My Catalog.psa] database to something else, restarted the application. When asked to find teh catalog file or open a new one, navigated to the renamed psa file ... and it stalled also (though the splash screen was not visible at that time, though I have no reason to suspect that it was not at the same stage in the launch sequence
                * now this is when it gets interesting: I renamed the [My Catalog.psa] file to something else. On startup it asks to find a catalog file or start a new one - so this time I started a new one, and what do you know ... the application starts up just fine.

                The upshot of this (at least it seems to me) is that the application is installed OK / not corrupted as it works OK (I added some images and it all works ok). So, I can only interpret that the catalog file itself is corrupt. But how to find the problem in there and to fix it?

                I have scoured this forum and had a long look through the records in all the tables in that DB and I cannot find anything that jumps out as an issue. I have not (yet) found any solutions posted to this forum ... so I need some help. Does anyone have a solution to this really annoying (and apparently widespread) issue?

                Thanks in advance.
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                  Hi Cenika, I have exact the same problems and tried the same solutions you described. Unfortunately I have wasn't successful.

                  Interesting that quite a lot of people encounter the same sort of problems since September. I think there might be an system or security update of windows/odbc-driver (?) that could make trouble.
                  Or there is an internal limit of PSASE v3.0 which Adobe didn't mention. I can't find any documentation of PSASE on the web page of Adobe except of an link to an update of PS Elements v5.0

                  I started now to create a second catalog.Not my preferred way but it works ;-)

                  If anybody can help to solve this problem please answer! Thanks in advance.Con
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                    Hi Guys,

                    Unfortunately, with the latest update 5.0, Album is no longer supported and
                    that is why you see the update link rather than the link to the manual.
                    FWIW, it was merely the manual to the full version of PSA 2.0 if I recall

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                      Ok, so the Album 3.0 seems to have a flaw in it that shows up as failure to start (dies at 'initialize model' stage of the splash screen). No-one seems to have a solution to it.

                      Album is not supported any more, so what do we know about upgrading to Elements 5.0. If we do shelve out $100 or so for elements will that "fix the problem"? Does anyone know the following:
                      * will Elements 5.0 will import the catalog info from an Album edition?
                      * more importantly, will it do so for those catalog files that have the error mentioned above?

                      If I get over my natural distaste for paying for something that I feel like I have been sucked into (lured by Album 3 that may or may not have a deliberate flaw - then find my only "solution" is to pay for the elements product) ... can I be *SURE* that this will be a solution?

                      Of will I have to re-import my whole image collection and re-tag the lot? Anyone decided to take the plunge and can advise us? Jim, you seem to be the most knowledgable about this product - any ideas?

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                        Eric Stoffers
                        Adobe has made an upset customer with Album. I have faithfully used their products for many years and will continue to do so. But this Album situation really sucks bad.

                        All I want is a simple program to organize my photos. I don't want any editing features or any of that other gadget crap they stuck in Album and Elements. JUST PHOTO ORGANIZATION!!!!!! Is that so much? I don't want Elements, just photo organization that is fast and easy to use even when dealing with hundreds of thousands of images. Cmon Adobe, give us a powerful organization tool and skip the stupid non-critical features.

                        The fact that Adobe has converted Album into Elements means I'm going to have to drop them all together and work at importing my library into another vendor tool. I was hoping for something professional from Adobe and was terribly mistaken.
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                          > just photo organization that is fast and easy to use even when dealing with hundreds of thousands of images

                          That's way beyond the capacity of PSA SE, PSA and PSE Organizer. Maybe Lightroom is the way to go for you. I assume you are a pro, which is where that product is oriented.