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    Downloading Images from Canon PowerShot S100

      I have PSA SA 3 running on Windows XP. I have a Canon PowerShot S100 and the WIA drivers (installed from WIA391.EXE).

      I have not used PSA SA in a long time and have amassed many photos on my camera. I have also had to install the software on a new machine.

      I seem to recall that I could download images from my camera and have the EXIF date, JPG format and IMAGE file name remembered.

      When I download images now, my images are converted to TIFF, I lose the date/time on which the image was taken as well as the serial number.

      Is there a way that I can use PSA SA 3 to download images from a Canon PowerShot S100 and have this information remain? My camera saves images in JPG format.