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    New User questions...


      I just downloaded the Starter Edition this morning and it's "almost" exactly what I've been looking for. Can the program do the following?

      1. After creating a slide show, and then reviewing it, there is a tab on the left side called "Comments". Is there any way to add comments to each photo in this section? The caption photos option is great, but I'd like to go into more detail for each photo. I'm guessing that this function can only be used if you own Acrobat writer.

      2. In the Starter Addition, can you add what I'd call a "photo log" that lists every photo and a brief description of it. For example, you click on the page that holds this list and it says something like Photo 1 - Aunt Jane and her dog, Photo 2 - Aunt Jane's backyard, etc etc

      3. The splash screen that comes up at the end of the slide show asking you if you want to download the Starter Album program. Any way to get rid of that?

      Thanks for you help!

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          Sorry Kevin,

          I'm in the midst of a move, so I'm running a bid behind right now. The
          people that help out here are just end-users like yourself.

          On to your points:

          1. I'm not sure I'm following your question Kevin, but one thing you can do
          is add notes before the slide show to file notes under file properties. It
          does NOT sound like this is what your looking for though. It sounds like
          your looking more for a powerpoint type of feature and no, to the best of my
          knowledge you cannot do this while in the slideshow.

          2. This is available in Photoshop Elements 4.0, if I understand you
          correctly. It is available as a trial version as well... and clearly offers
          MANY more tools. I would suggest having a look at it.

          3. There is... but I forget how. I'll have to look for you. Essentially you
          edit an .ini file and pull it out.