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    Using tags to find photos

      Is it possible to use a tag to exclude photos from the search results? As a very simple example: I have three photos containing John, Bob and Paul in photos 1 and 2 and just John and Paul in photo #3. I have a tag for each person and have applied the tags to the photos. Is it possible to use the tags to find all of the photos that have John and Paul in them (only photo #3) while excluding all the photos that have Bob in them (photos 1 and 2)? Make sense? - can you use a tag as an excluding factor? If I click on the John and Paul tags, the photos with Bob (#'s 1 and 2) will also be displayed in the well.

      If this is not possible in the 3.0 Starter Edition, is this a function of another Adobe product I might want to upgrade to?

      Thank you!