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    Replicating PSASE Album.

      I have studied all the postings and cannot find an answer to this need .. I hope someone can advise, please

      I have PSASE 3.0 on my desktop PC with the image files in Drive C: The PC also has a a USB hard drive G:

      Having created numerous album tags and collections I wanted to replicate the complete PSASE collection from my desktop PC to my laptop PC, where the hard drive is partitioned and the image files are on drive D:

      As a first trial I copied MyCatalog.PSA from the desktop PC to my laptop PC, but I found that PSASE could not locate the image files (on drive D:) and manual reconnection was impracticable.

      So I then decided to use my USB hard drive G: to store my image files and connect it to desktop PC or laptop PC as required. First I moved the source images on my desktop PC to the USB hard Drive G: putting them in an identical folder structure to that on drive C:. From what I had read, I expected that PSASE would detect this move and reconnect, but it only seems to detect moves within the C. drive.

      So I then used MS Access to edit MyCatalog.PSA, changing C: to G: in all the tables. To my disappointment - having read all the posts - this did not work either ... the catalog still persisted in looking for files on drive C:

      So here are the questions...

      1) Can PSASE cope with what I want to do - viz. allow an album collection of images on PC drive C: to be replicated on another PC with a different drive letter ? If so, please advise how.

      2) Can full version of PSA (v2.0), or the integrated organiser in Photoshop Elements 3.0 or 4.0 handle the replication I want ? I have found PSASE really useful despite its limitations, and I don't want to waste money upgrading if the full package can't cope with this basic need !

      Steve Bowen