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    Copying Post Cards

      Is there a way to import both the front and back of post cards as a single picture into Photoshop Album Starter Edition?

      I want to include pictures of old post cards in the photo album. I have scanned them as PDF files but I have to scan both the front and back. Despite the fact that both pages are in the same PDF file, when I import the into Photoshop Album Starter Edition, they show up as two photos. I am afraid of losing the relationship between front and back using this process.
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          There is no obvious way to achieve what you want with PSA SE. The same would be true with PSA 2 - the paid for version. The later generations PSE 3/4 Organizer has the ability to "stack" images, which would do the kind of thing you want.

          My only suggest for now is to create a unique tag for each postcard amd apply it to front and back. But that would become unwieldy if you have a lot.