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    Which One do I use? Piscaso or APAStarter?

      PLEASE TAKE A FEW MINUTES TO HELP ME! I thank you in advance. Mom to four young ones under 9.

      I would like to download my photos using an organized method.

      I prefer to name a folder then select the few to put in it and continue to do the same.

      I am very new to this APSAStarter and wondering if this is the way to go or not.

      I would like the "dummy" versus of this to help me. When I connect my camera I get the APSStarter window with my most recent photos but how to do I select just a few at a time?

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          I'd love to help, but I really can't figure out what you are trying to achieve. Surely, when you've taken some pictures, you just want to get them off of the card and into the computer. The fuss about which folder they go in is up to you. Why worry too much? PSA SE can name folders with the date/time. In any case, folders are not a very useful organizational tool compared with th etags provided my PSA SE.
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            Great Colin! I was hoping you'd help me since I see your name everywhere.

            Can you expand on what tags are?

            When I connect I get my thumbnail pictures all seem to be checked so if I want to put certain ones in folders I would have to just select a few then put them in their folder.

            I am open for more info. - I see you file yours by date or location but I want to file photos so that when I want pictures one certain childs of mine I just search for "child Name".

            Stay with me on this one. You seem to be knowledgable enough.

            Also, Is PSA SE they way to go on a free route versus Picaso? Or is it truly worth the while to purchase the next level up? If so what is it and about how much?

            I have beef browning so I will be back after supper.

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              I think you are hung up on folders simply because you haven't yet investigated what tags are all about. So let's investigate that ...

              A tag is just a label or a keyword/phrase that you can attach to one or more photos. A photo can also carry more than one tag. You can then use one or more tags to "filter" your view of your whole catalog of pictures.

              To take your situation: you have 4 kids - I'll call the A, B, C and D [although I suspect you have more imaginative names for them :-)]. You would create 4 tags, one for each of them. When you take a pic of A, you tag with A, for example. If you took a picture of B and C playing together, you'd tag with B and C.

              Now, if you wanted to see all your pictures of B, you just select that tag and everything without a B tag temporarily disappears. Since all pictures have a shooting date, you can also constrain the timeframe and look at, say, all the pics of B in the last 6 months.

              If you want to see whether you have any pictures of C and D together, you just choose both tags and you can select to view pictures with either of them or both of them.

              I tag all my pictures for location [as I can usually remember where I was when I took a pic] and subject. Further sophistication is possible, but walk before you try running.

              Imagine trying to organize stuff in folders. You have one for each of A, B, C and D. What do you do with pictures containing 2 or more kids? Make copies in multiple folders? You get in a mess very quickly. PSA SE discourages you from worrying too much about folders.

              I have not tried Picassa for some time. From what I have seen it is more folder-oriented and less flexible than PSA SE. It also lacks a compatible growth path. Although PSA SE is ideal and quite enough when you're starting out, you have other compatible options when you are ready for something more advanced [notably PSE 4].
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                Okay - tags are descriptive things that describe the photo(s). Got that now. I did try some research but...

                1. in the PSA SE window do I apply the tags BEFORE TRANSFERING THEM TO MY computer or is it after? Do I tag them with the items/toolbars that appear on the far right side of page.

                This AM I went to MY PICTURES folder on my hard drive and just saw all my photos I uploaded but no organization. Is it because I have to view them through the PSA SE program ONLY?

                2.I understand that PSA SE you say catalogs them but do I need to open PSA SE to get to the catalog or do I just go straight to MY PICTURES folder on my hard drive?

                3. I assume you are also implying that PSA SE is very reliable and will serve me well in to the future unlike Picassa may not have a compatible growth path.

                4. I ASSEMBLED MY eldest sons elementary school yearbook for the last school year online and uploaded over 700 images to the yearbooks server. I am strongly assuming that applying tags to say pictures that belong to "Mr. Z's" class will get a tag that says Mr.Z. I am starting to think about this 06-07 yearbook. ANYTHING I should know that would help me besides "tags"?

                5. BEAR WITH ME PLEASE. Kim Komando says PSA SE can layer photos like a scrapbook. SO SAY IF I want to collage a page together of say 30 photos, am I allowed to save this page as one jpeg rather than a scattered 30 images? How does that work or not work.

                6. I do have a Graphic Communications degree so I understand things graphic wise but learning a new software just takes time for the learning curve.

                Thank you Thank You THANK YOU,
                Jeannie in Wisconsin
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                  The Help system on the program is quite good and the program is quite intuitive, but you have to get started. My girlfriend, who is very smart, but non-techie, is going through the same thing ...

                  1) You should import your images first. You will then see your catalog with just the latest pictures displayed. This is the ideal time to do some initial tagging - you can always change or add more later. The tags are on the right side of the screen. You can add your own tags and catgeories [groups of tags]. You apply them to an image or images by sleecting the image(s) and dragging a tag onto them.

                  2) You can only take advantage of PSA SE's organization by using the program. You should never need to mess with Windows Explorer.

                  3) Yes. I have used this family of programs for 3.5 years since they first came out.

                  4) That would be a good use for a tag. You might find a collection useful for that job. A collection is just like a tag, except that you can specify the order of the images. But stick to tags for the moment, you can easily swap later.

                  5) That is incorrect. You would need a more sophisticated photo editing program [like Photoshop Elements - PSE] to do that. Good news: if you buy that software, all the organization you've done in PSA SE is immediately usable.

                  6) Learning software is always best done by a combination of reading help, asking advice and playing.
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                    but here is my problem

                    I like PSE SE - had everything tagged and organized.

                    Disk crash ---

                    All photos on separate disk, so lost no photos, but did lose ALL tags PSE info. Without the ability to back up such info, the program is pretty worthless.

                    Anyone know how to backup this "meta" data?
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                      > Anyone know how to backup this "meta" data?

                      It is in My Catalog.PSA - this is in a [hidden?] folder in Docs&Settings somewhere. In PSA SE this name/location is fixed. In the paid-for versions you have more flexibility.
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                        BobGager Adobe Employee
                        Your meta data catalog is "hidden" at C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Adobe\Catalogs\
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                          That is a hidden folder - need to make it visible