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    Changing Internet Connection

      Im using Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.0 on Win. XP operating system. When I try to Email a picture, it tries to use a dial-up connection when I am actually connected to a cable modem for internet connection. I've looked all around but I can't find where to change where it should connect. Also I use Earthlink's Total Access Mail box to send and receive mail but it wants me to use Outlook Express or Hotmail, etc. Do I have to send the pictures to Outlook Express and then send them from there (a 2 step process)or can I use Earthlink's Mail Box which is preferred?

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          For send pictures using Earthlink's Mail, you may try saving attachment to the disk and then use your email client.

          In Photoshop Album Starter Edition go to Edit --> Preferences -->Email and select "Save to disk" option from the email clients dropdown.

          This way Photoshop Album Starter Edition won't search for interent connection or Outlook but will save attachments to the disk and will provide the folder path for the same, then you can use your email client to add attachments and send email.

          hope that help. do let us know if you face any issue.