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    Duplicates Photos

      A few weeks ago, we were not using Photoshop Album Starter Edition. We were using some other kind of tool which is really a tool to manage files, not photos. It had nice photos features like thumbnails and slide show, etc.. But to manage them, catalog them, classify them... we were creating folders.
      A file can only go in one folder at a time. So we were.... copying... the file over to multiple folders. What a waste of disk space. Each file I was copying I hated it.

      Now we are in heavens!

      When I imported all my 26000 photos into PASE, I noticed that it complained about a lot of photos that it could not import. Are those photos the duplicate photos, the copies? I tried to find duplicate photos in my PASE catalog but could not find any. Maybe I was unlucky, or maybe they are not in the PASE catalog because the import discarded them?

      I would like to get ride (permanently delete) all duplicate files from my hard drive to reclaim space. Is there an easy way to do this with PASE? If not, any recommendations to make the job easier would be most welcome. I do not want to go thru 26000 files one by one to search for duplicates.