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    Detective work and Caching

      Using Adobe Album SE 3.0...

      We have a family computer. A friend recently emailed some pictures via Yahoo to us. Clicked on the photo, SE fires up and shows photo. When clicking to the next picture in SE, we found some porn pics.

      Here's the dilemma. I suspect that teen boy has been pornsurfing and that all IE pics are somehow being cached within Adobe - and certainly there's other innocuous stuff from other browsing in there as well.

      However, my wife says that she has been sent emailed photos in the past and seen other pics (in the same fashion with SE) that definitely resided on the senders computer, which were claimed not to have been sent by them.

      So, before we go jumping on teenager for his surfing habits, anyone have any insight on how we could confirm if the pics originated from local PC websurfing or from a remote sender's PC.

      Is it possibly for someone to mistakenly email a batch of thumbnails or pics while thinking they are only sending one, and for the email client to only look like it has a single photo. eg, could a single pic link back to a gallery on a remote PC? Knowing the person who sent the original pic that started this, there is likely to be porn on that PC :)

      Or, as is more likely, are the pictures from surfing on the local PC?

      Thanks for any insight!