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    Album Starter lock up at startup splash screen

      I have used Album Starter since Aug. 2005. About 3 months ago it started acting sluggish, taking longer and longer to load an image or rotate a photo, etc... I seem to recall a message about out of memory please close other programs and restart, or something like that. Shortly thereafter it started freezing up completely. I had only 256 Mb ram then.. I now have 2.5Gb ram. Made no difference. I can upload images from my camera but when it tries to open the Album Starter application it locks up again and I have to control alt delete and end program from the task manager. I have not been able to run the program since. I have an Intel p4 2.6Ghz on an Asus P4P8X motherboard. I have removed the program and reinstalled with a new download from the Adobe site twice. I have used the utilities in the add/remove programs section to try to replace missing files or errors to no avail. Can anyone help.