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    Missing files

      I am a new user of PSA Découverte (3.0).Computer Windows XP.Camera Canon PowerShot A75.Printer Canon i865.
      After loading my photos from my camera,I tried to send by e-mail some photos.NO WAY!!!!
      Impossible to reconnect the files.I read in the forum that I am not alone having this problem.I have done eveything explained in the responses you give in that forum.NO WAY!!..
      I've tried to research for the missing files,folders and so on ,in all my computer.NOTHING.I've unistall and then re-install the system the problem is still here.I can see my 57 photos in the PSA album,but I can't do anything with them.Neither print,nor send.The answer is always reconnect the missing files.Please help me? What happened?IS there any chance to find thoses missing files?
      Thanks for help.
      Jean-Pierre.(I am French excuse my poor English)