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    Starter album 3.0

      How do I export photos from the album say to email or to a cd. Do I need to upgrade to a higher version.


      Bob G.
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          PSA SE has built-in email capability - I think the button says "share". You can set this up to just write to a folder, if you want [via Prefs].

          The lateest download of PSA SE includes CD burning or you can just drag images into your regular CD buring program.
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            If you have PSA SE 3.0, you should be able to see the option Burn to CD in the File Menu. If you cannot see the option, you need to update PSA SE 3.0. To do this, go to Help->Check for Updates. If you are connected to internet, an update will be downloaded automatically. After installing this update you should be able to use File->Burn to CD option to burn your pictures to a CD.

            To export them to email, just select File->Attach to Email.

            Let us know if you need any other information.